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Summer Camp


On February 25, 2011, TVOntario released five full episodes of Today's Special on the Internet as part of TVOntario's Public Archive.  The first episodes released were 1981's Snow, Costumes, and Hair, and 1982's Summer Camp and Birthdays.  The Public Archive episodes are the complete 28 minute, 50 second episodes, with no scenes removed.

This was a wonderful development for everyone who has been working for many years for TVOntario to bring Today's Special to DVD, and a great first step towards this end.  Now we all have an opportunity to show TVOntario how popular Today's Special still is today, and demonstrate to TVOntario that it is definitely worth their while not only to release more episodes on their Public Archive site online, but also to release episodes of the show on DVD.  After all, who wouldn't love to have a "The Complete First Season" set of Today's Special episodes on DVD, or even a DVD set of the complete 121-episode series?

Here are the steps you should take to help convince TVOntario to release more episodes of Today's Special:

  • Watch the episodes online.  Demonstrate that there is interest by driving their Web traffic up.
  • "Like" TVOntario on Facebook.  Post on their wall, thanking them for their release of the Today's Special episodes on the Public Archive, and tell them that you would love to see more.
  • Make a Gift of Heritage on TVOntario's GoPublic Web site to help support the Public Archive financially.
  • Call TVOntario at 1-800-613-0513, ask for the Marketing Department, and tell them that you want to buy a DVD set of Today's Special episodes.
  • Tell your friends via Email and social media:

If you would take these steps to help bring Today's Special to DVD, it will go a long way in helping.  In the meantime, enjoy the episodes that TVOntario has released in their Public Archive, and be sure to thank them.

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