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This site is dedicated in memory of

Sarah Lillian Dardick Lanthier

1976 - 2004

Sarah Lanthier, seen here at the store in 1999 with site webmaster Ben Schumin, was a woman who experienced many challenges in life, and always managed to take them in stride.  She was a wonderful friend, a great person to speak with and be around, and an inspiration to us all.

Sarah was a fan of Today's Special for most of her life, and owned a copy of every episode.  She also had the opportunity to meet Nerene Virgin and Nina Keogh.

We will certainly miss Sarah.  I believe a slightly-modified version of Hazel's Eulogy from Butterflies would be most appropriate:

We love you, Sarah,
We're glad we met you,
We'll really miss you,
We won't forget you,
We love you, Sarah,
We're glad we met you,
We'll really miss you,
We won't forget a friend like you...
A friend like you...
A friend like you.

I'm sure that Sarah, looking down from heaven, knows how much we miss her, and how much we loved getting to know her and sharing so many special moments together.

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