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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact using this Web site?

The Contact Information page on this Web site enables you to send messages to Ben Schumin, the Webmaster for this site, as well as The Schumin Web, parent to this site.

Can I get a hold of cast and/or crew members through this site?

There is no way to reach cast and/or crew members through this site.  As I am not Canadian, it is difficult to even come across information about the people involved in the show, let alone contact them.

Why did you create this Web site?

I created this Web site back in 1997, back when the World Wide Web was still a relatively new medium.  Even back in 1997, there were fan sites for songs, movies, and television shows, though certainly not in the amount that there are today.  As I've been a fan of Today's Special all my life, one of the things I went hunting for online was a site about Today's Special.  After realizing that none was out there, I determined to create one of my own to fill this void.  It has been quite a rewarding experience ever since.

I'm looking for copies of the episodes of the show.  Can you help me?

On February 25, 2011, TVOntario released five full episodes of Today's Special on the Internet as part of TVOntario's Public Archive.  The first episodes released were 1981's Snow, Costumes, and Hair, and 1982's Summer Camp and Birthdays.  The Public Archive episodes are the complete 28 minute, 50 second episodes, with no scenes removed.  You can watch them here.

Additionally, twelve episodes were made available on VHS by TVOntario in the 1990s.  There were six volumes made, each containing two episodes - one from 1981-1983 (original set), and one from 1984-1987 (changed set).  These tapes are no longer in production to the best of my knowledge, but the tapes have been known to occasionally surface on eBay.

Is Today's Special coming to DVD?

At this point, no.

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