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Jeff is sitting on the steps in the Children's Department reading 'The What Is It Book', when Jodie comes in. She's talking, but not to Jeff, and she accidentally bumps into him. Jeff asks Jodie if there's someone else there, someone that he can't see. Jodie tells him that she was just reliving a bit of this evening. She went to her girl friend's birthday party. A birthday party, Jeff doesn't know what that is, so he begins to look it up in his book. She tells Jeff that she met the most wonderful person, and he asked her to the island on Sunday. Then she tells him all about the party, and she realizes that she was so busy dancing, that she didn't eat any birthday cake. Jeff suggests that she make a birthday cake for her picnic on Sunday. But Jodie tells him that you only make a birthday cake when it's someone's birthday. "Oh, a birthday," Jeff says. Jodie tells him a birthday is the day you were born, and everybody has one. Jodie leaves to get changed into her work clothes. Jeff realizes that everyone has a birthday except him. He tells us that he wasn't born, he just sort of came alive. "I wonder if that counts?" he says. He thinks that maybe the day that Waldo gave him his magic hat is birthday, only he can't remember when that was. "I guess I'll never have a birthday, I'll never have a birthday party, or a birthday cake. I'll never have a day of my very own." Jeff says, walking away.

Sam comes into the children's department and asks Jodie why Jeff seems so sad. Jodie says that she hadn't noticed Muffy comes in and says she knows what's wrong with Jeff, he doesn't have a birthday. Jodie feels bad for telling Jeff that everyone had a birthday, and Muffy suggests that they give him a birthday. Sam says that you can't just give someone a birthday. But Jodie explains that the day Waldo gave him his magic hat should be his birthday, but since no one can remember exactly when that was, they'll just pick a day and call that his birthday from now on. They decide to have a party. Jodie will make the decorations, Muffy will make the cake, and Sam will bring the music. They want it to be a surprise, so they have to stay out of Jeff's way as much as possible until it's ready.

Next, we see a poster showing a horse, a rabbit, and a pig.  The Mime Lady then stumbles in, blindfolded.  TXL asks her if she wants to play "Pin the tail on the animal", to which the still-blindfolded Mime nods yes.  The Mime then reaches for a fluffy white tail, while TXL asks whether the tail belongs on the horse, the pig, or the rabbit.  The Mime places it on the rabbit.  Then the Mime finds a curly tail.  TXL asks whether the tail belongs on the horse or the pig.  The Mime places the tail on the pig.  Then the Mime finds the horse's taail, and places it on the horse.  The Mime then removes her blindfold and admires her work.  We then notice that the Mime has a tail as well, and bring it to her attention.

Jeff sings about how much he wants a birthday. "I guess I shouldn't sit and moan, but, oh, how I'd love a day of my own . . ."

We then see the Mime Lady again, standing behind two jars.  One is filled with feathers, and the other is filled with rocks.  TXL asks us whether the jar of feathers or the jar of rocks will be heavier.  The Mime attempts to pick up both jars, struggling and failing to pick up the jar of rocks, and picking up the jar of feathers with ease.  The feathers cause the Mime to sneeze.

Sam waits for the elevator, and he tells us that he has a record payer and some records for Jeff's party. Jeff comes by and says hello. Jeff asks Sam what he's holding, and Sam tells him that it's a record player. The elevator comes, and Sam rushes off. Jeff thinks that Sam was acting strange, it's not like Sam to pass up the chance to talk to a friend.

In the elevator, Sam is hoping that Jeff didn't suspect anything about the party. He tells us about his last birthday when Jodie surprised him by taking him to the Metro Toronto Zoo.

Muffy is in her house baking a cake. She hopes that this one turns out better than the rest, she's had many cakes that didn't turn out for various reasons. After she puts the cake in she decides to take a nap. She wakes up wondering what the beeping sound is, and then she discovers that her cake is done. Just as she's about to take it out of the oven, Jeff calls to her from outside her door. She quickly tells him that she's busy. Muffy hopes that Jeff didn't smell the cake.

Jeff wonders why he can't even get someone to talk to him.

In the children's department Jodie is working on a sign for Jeff's party. Jeff comes in and asks Jodie what she's doing. Jodie says that she thought he was going to take a nap. Jeff says that he was going to, but he wasn't really tired, so he thought he's come and help her. Jodie tells him that what she's doing is very tricky, so he couldn't possibly help. Jeff asks if he can learn, but Jodie tells him that she's much to busy to teach him today, but maybe tomorrow. Jodie suggests that he goes and takes a nap, she wishes him sweet dreams, and then she goes back to her work. Jeff is beginning to think that people don't want to talk to him!

TXL has noticed that everyone is so busy planning the party that Sam has forgotten about her and Penelope. She decides to tell a story. The story is about a kitten named Charmer who was having her very first birthday party. It teaches us that too much of anything, even birthday parties, isn't much fun.

Jeff walks in to the Children's Department. It's dark, and he thinks that everyone has gone home and forgotten about him. Then the lights come on, and Jodie, Muffy and Sam yell surprise! Jodie, Muffy, and Sam wish Jeff a happy birthday. Jeff asks how they knew that today is his birthday. They explain to him how they thought he should have a birthday, so they decided to call today his birthday. Jeff is delighted; "I'll remember this day forever! Today is first birthday!" he says. Jodie asks Sam to put on same music. Sam turns on the record player. It's not exactly what would be called dancing music; Jodie tells Sam that she thought he said he was bringing dancing music. Sam tells her that it's fine dancing music, you can do a great sailor's jig to it! Jeff tells his friends how wonderful they are; he sings a happy version of the song he sang earlier. "I feel important, just like a king . . ." Jeff and Jodie dance. Jodie realizes that they almost forget the cake! Everyone looks at Muffy's tiny cake, and they all think it's really nice. Sam thinks it's kind of small though. But Muffy's taken care of that! "I did the best that I could do. But it's okay, I've got three more, one for each of you!" she tells them. They all get cake, and juice. They all taste the cake and agree that it's wonderful. Jodie proposes a toast. "To friends, and to parties, and birthdays, and the best cake I'll ever make! Cheers!!"


  • Party Hats: Do you know which hat has a pointed top?
  • Party Hats: Which hat has a rectangular top?
  • Party Hats: What about this hat, would you say it was pointed, rectangular, or round?
  • Party Hats: Do you know which one is the tallest?
  • Party Hats: Which one is the shortest?
  • Party Hats: Which hat has the most colors?
  • Mouse, Cat. Mouse, Cat. Mouse... What do you think comes next?

Nursery Rhyme:

This episode did not have a nursery rhyme.

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