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Jodie is putting up a music display. As she and the others talk about music and the various musical instruments, a pretty little tune keeps playing quite mysteriously in different parts of the store. It sounds like a music box, but no one knows where the music is coming from. It reminds Jodie of her Aunt Millie rocking her as a child, and it reminds Sam of his dear departed wife, Maud. Before they discover the source, they all have fun with music. Sam plays the harmonica, Muffy plays the piano, and Jodie and Jeff dance all around the children's department. They also take ordinary household items and play them like instruments, imagining they are playing in a band with Oscar Peterson. In the end, Jodie discovers that the music box is being played by Muffy. Jodie had wished for music to listen to while she was working, and Muffy decided to make her wish come true. They play the music box one more time before saying good night.



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