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As the episode opens, we hear music in the form of a piano playing a variation of the theme song as TXL announces the title.

In the Children's Department, Jodie remarks, "I tell you, Sam, I heard it.  It sounded like music, and I think it's coming from somewhere in here!"

Sam replies, "Oh, you must be hearing things, Jodie!  Eh, probably working too hard, setting up that big display for the music special tomorrow."  He then goes on to discuss the amount of instruments on display, focusing on the tuba sitting on the counter, and remarking on how much he loves the tuba.

"I didn't know you could play the tuba, Sam!"

Sam explains that you just blow into the mouthpiece, and "the happiest sound in music you've ever heard" comes out of the other end.  Sam then demonstrates the tuba.

Muffy pops up as Sam plays the tuba, commenting, "What a sound!  My head is spinning round and round!"

Jeff runs into the Children's Department, shouting for everyone to hide, because an elephant is loose in the store.  Jodie explains that it's not an elephant, but rather Sam trying to play the tuba.  She then invites Sam to play it again.

"You wouldn't be teasing me, now, would you, Jodie?" asks Sam, as Jodie reacts with mock surprise.  "You just don't appreciate good music, that's all!  Of course, I may need a little more practice, Jeff."

Muffy adds, "It didn't sound much like music to me.  It's more like a cow getting stung by a bee!"

Everyone gets a chuckle out of that remark, after which Jodie says that she really did hear music in the store.  She heard it while Sam was gone, and she and Muffy were alone together.  As Muffy quietly leaves the counter, Jodie recalls that she had remarked to Muffy that it would be nice to have music while they worked, Muffy disappeared, and then she heard music.  Then the same tune begins playing again.  Jodie recognizes the music, and brings it to Jeff and Sam's attention.  Then the music stops.  Jeff and Jodie both agree that the music is beautiful, but none of them have any idea about its source.

Later, Jeff and Jodie are standing in the Children's Department.  Jodie tells Jeff that she can't stop thinking about the music that they heard, and how pretty the tune was, and then the music comes back again.  Jodie remarks that it reminds her of her Aunt Millie.  Jeff remembers Aunt Millie from when she visited the store, but doesn't understand why it reminds Jodie of Aunt Millie.  Jodie explains that when she was a little girl, she would visit Aunt Millie on her farm, and that just before bedtime, she would curl up beside her in her rocking chair, and Aunt Millie would rock in the chair and hum to her.  The music was the same tune as the one that Aunt Millie would hum.

And then the music stops.  "I wish we knew where that music was coming from!" Jodie remarks.

Next, we see the Canadian Brass marching through the store, jockeying for the lead position in the parade as they march.

We then see Muffy playing the piano in her house, singing about the musical scale, beginning with do, re, and mi, and working her way up through fa, so, la, and ti, and finishing with the upper do.

Back in the Children's Department, Jeff asks Jodie what her favorite music is.  Jodie finds the question difficult, because the kind of music that she likes really depends on how she feels.  Sometimes she likes loud music, and sometimes she likes quiet music.  Jeff, meanwhile, feels like dancing when he hears music.  He demonstrates this by dancing to some rock music.  Jodie later joins him, and the two dance around the Children's Department to different types of music.  When they finish, Jeff remarks, "You know what else I feel when I hear music?  I feel tired."  Jodie agrees.

Down in the Computer Room, Sam has just finished explaining the music mystery to TXL, and asks that she help them all figure out where it was coming from.  TXL asks him to describe the music.  Sam whistles it, and TXL sings it back to him.  Recognizing that his first attempt wasn't quite right, Sam tries again, and TXL repeats it bak again, displaying the notes on her screen.  That's it!  While TXL checks for music, Sam remarks that his late wife Maude would have liked that tune, as she always enjoyed music.  TXL reports back that unfortunately, she can't find the source of the music, as all music in the store has been turned off for the night.

As Sam laments their being unable to find the source of the music, the music begins playing.  Sam thinks that it's coming from somewhere in the room, and goes to check around the Computer Room for the source of the music.  He accidentally knocks over the picture of Maude in the process, and quickly rights it, apologizing to Maude as he does.  He then talks to Maude through the picture, saying, "That was real pretty music, isn't it, Maude?  Just like you.  Really pretty.  But, you know what, there's something about that music that kind of reminds me of you.  Kind of reminds me of our wedding day, I guess.  I wish you were still here, Maudie.  I miss you.  I really do."

And then the music stops.  Sam turns to us and asks us what we hear.  "That's right!  Nothing!  The music stopped, just like before!"  Sam leaves to tell Jeff and Jodie, and wonders what happened to Muffy.  As Sam leaves, the music resumes, and TXL sings along with it as the camera zooms in on the picture of Maude.

Back in the Children's Department, Jodie is pouring a glass of apple juice for Jeff and herself.  Sam rushes in to tell Jeff and Jodie about what happened in the Computer Room.  Jodie tells Sam to calm down, and pours him a glass of apple juice as well.  Sam explains that he heard the music in the Computer Room.  Jodie asks whether TXL knew anything about the music, to which Sam replies that she didn't.  Sam then realizes that Muffy is not present, and asks where she is.  As it turns out, no one has seen Muffy since Sam left.  Sam wonders what Muffy has been doing.

Sam then turns his attention to Jodie's display, congratulating her on a great display.  Jodie wishes that they could play the instruments and make their own music.  Sam explains that they can make their own music, even if they can't play the regular instuments.  When Jodie questions it, Sam explains by collecting the glasses of apple juice and taking a drumstick, and begins tapping the glasses with the drumstick, creating a "glass xylophone".  Sam then taps the drumstick on the can of juice, creating a "juice tin drum".  Jodie has gotten the hang of it now, taking a box and stretching a rubber band around it, making an "elastic band guitar".

Sam then introduces the group as "The Children's Department Band", with Jeff on the glass xylophone, Jodie on the elastic band guitar, and himself on the juice tin drum.  The three then begin to play their instruments.  Jodie then suggests that they add a clapping section, and shows us what pattern to clap.  We continue clapping, while Jodie returns to her guitar.  As they play, Sam remarks, "Hey!  We should be playing with Oscar Peterson!"

We then see Sam playing a set of drums while wearing clothing resembling that worn in colonial America, including a tricorne, a ruffled shirt, and a red and blue jacket.  Jodie and Jeff are both playing the electric guitar, and wearing similar clothing, complete with knee breeches and knee socks.  Muffy is wearing the same outfit as the rest, and is playing the saxophone.  Oscar Peterson is playing the piano, though he is wearing a business suit.  Jeff, Jodie, Sam, and Muffy then sing the theme song, after which Oscar Peterson plays a piano solo, reprisng the theme.  Everyone begins singing again halfway through the reprise, "For Today's Special, it's about to appear, it's about to appear!  Today's Special, shout it loud and clear!  Today's Special!"

Next, TXL tells us the story of Vinny Violin.  Everyone in Vinny's family plays in the orchestra, except for Vinny.  When Vinny asked his Aunt Cello when he could play in the orchestra, she replied that he could play when he practices some more.  After much practice, Vinny's Great Uncle Bass invited him to play with them in the orchestra.  Vinny then practiced some more, and when the time came, he was welcomed into the orchestra, and played his best, having a wonderful time.

Sam is in the Children's Department, and shows us a harmonica.  He initially jokes with us about it, telling us that it's a tuba, and then a violin, before telling us that it's a harmonica, and demonstrates how it plays.  Muffy then arrives, holding a tambourine and complimenting Sam on his playing.  When Sam asks Muffy where she has been, she explains, "Oh, round and about, doing this and that.  I played a little music, and hid from your cat."

She then compliments Sam again on his harmonica skills.  Sam is flattered.  He then explains that he learned how to play the harmonica at sea, and that people used to refer to him as "Sam Crenshaw, the harmonica hurricane."  Muffy then asks Sam to play the harmonica while she sings.  Sam begins playing, and the two of them sing the same "Do Re Mi" song that Muffy sang earlier, after which Sam does a short harmonica solo.  Muffy wanders off during the harmonica solo.  When Sam finishes the solo, he remarks, "Hopping harmonicas!  Now that's what I call fun!" and reminisces about singalongs with his wife Maude, before realizing that Muffy is not there.

After a quiz, Sam is walking through the Children's Department looking for Muffy, when Jeff and Jodie enter, inadvertently surprising Sam.  In sharing results about the search for the source of the music, Sam wasn't able to ask Muffy about it, while Jeff and Jodie had no luck, either.  Then the music plays again.  Jodie comments, with some annoyance, "Here we go again..."

Sam then brings up his wife Maude again, saying, "You know, that music kind of reminds me of my dear departed wife Maude.  Maude had a little music box that sounded just like that.  Real pretty, just like her."  Jodie then describes again how the music reminds her of her Aunt Millie.

Jeff is curious about the device, saying, "A music box.  I hope we find it soon.  I've never see one before."

Jodie expresses doubt that they would ever see this music box, but then they hear a very familiar laugh.  Now Jodie has it all figured out.  "I have a feeling that somebody we all know is playing a trick on us.  And that certain somebody is..." and then she removes a violin from the counter to reveal that it's Muffy.

When Jodie asks about the music box, Muffy explains, "You wished for music, so I made it come true.  I played it especially for Sam, Jeff, and you!"

"She's got you there, Jodie!" remarks Sam.  "You did say you wished you had some music to listen to."

Jodie admits that she did say that, but adds that the music box didn't help them get their work done, though it did make things a little more interesting around the store.  Sam adds that it brought back some pleasant memories.

Jeff asks Sam to play the music box again.  Sam asks Jodie about it, though Jodie adds that it is a bit late for music.  When Jeff asks for just one more time, Jodie asks if Muffy minded.  She didn't: "Not at all.  Go right ahead.  One more time, then off to bed!"

The music begins again, and everyone begins to say good night to each other before leaving the Children's Department.  As the lights dim, Jodie says goodnight to her Aunt Millie, while Sam looks up and says, "Goodnight, Maude."

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