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Things have been happening fast at the store. Painters and builders are all over the store. Jeff, Muffy and Sam discover that there is wet paint everywhere as massive changes are being made to the store. The smell of paint is noxious, and Sam seems to be unable to keep his hands free of paint, but generally, they find it very exciting, and they are discussing how much they like the store's new look when a woman no one has ever seen before sweeps into the room. "You like it!" she cries, "you like the changes!" Soon they discover that she is Madame Melba, designer of "Madame Melba's Magnificent Mansions." She normally designs houses but she has taken on their department store. She's the one that tells the painters and builders what to do and what colors to use. Everything is going well but she is concerned about Sam's computer room. "Old clothes and model ships all over the place, my goodness what a mess! It'll all have to go." Sam is horrified. He likes his room just the way it is and he doesn't want any changes. But Madame Melba insists. Those are her orders. Meanwhile, though she is not fond of mice, she begins to appreciate Muffy when she advises that she give Sam time to get used to the idea of changing his room. Meanwhile, she wants Madame Melba to give her some decorating hints about her mouse hole. Melba loves everything about Muffy's place but decides to give a mouse of her importance a much grander entrance. Muffy is quite pleased. Sam, however, still has no idea what he wants, and finally tells Melba to just "go ahead and do it, make your changes to it, and I won't interfere." Melba says, "And I promise you won't hate it once I start to decorate it so have no fear!" and she sweeps out of the room. In the end she creates a wonderful room with compartments all over the place for all of Sam's old things. Meanwhile, Jeff and Jodie reflect on changes in general. Jodie (in her only production number of the series), fantasizes about being a movie star, while Jeff shows how changing your clothes can change your style, and demonstrates with a debonair tuxedo, a cowboy outfit, and sports sweats. Lastly, Melba unveils a new "Today's Special" sign for the children's department. In the end, everyone is happy. Muffy loves her new entrance, Sam is enchanted with his new room, and they can all declare, "We like the changes we made to the store!"



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