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Instead of at the store, we find Sam and Muffy in the driveway of a home, polishing a very old car. It's a car Sam has had ever since he was a young man, and he has named it "Gertrude." Unfortunately, Gertrude is getting quite old and rickety, and Sam has reluctantly decided that he needs to buy a new car. Whenever he mentions getting a new car however, the car starts blaring its horn. Sam claims the car is jealous. "Really, Sam, tell us, how can a car be jealous? Cars don't have feelings, they don't get upset, it's just a loose wire, on that you can bet." But Sam insists that Gertrude *does* have feelings and she isn't at all happy about being traded in. Meanwhile, at the store, Jeff is alone because everyone else has the day off. So he is playing with cars. Dressed in a racing suit, he is racing little cars around an electric track. He is startled when Jodie appears. She had a bit of work to do though the store is closed, and tells Jeff that she is going to help Sam find a new car. Jeff is surprised that he's actually going to trade her in, but he isn't too disappointed that he can't come with them. He's playing with cars and now that we've arrived, he'll have some company. Throughout the episode, we see him making a car out of cardboard boxes and imagining himself driving to different places. So Jodie joins Sam and Muffy and they head off to a sleazy used-car dealer called "Smiling Jack." It doesn't take long for Jodie and Muffy to realize that Jack is less than honest, but Sam seems oblivious to his schemes. Fortunately, Jodie and Muffy help him not to buy any of his junky used cars. He does find a new car, a station wagon, that he takes for a test drive. He, Jodie and Muffy sing a song to see if it's a good car for singing in, and Sam likes it just fine, but he's heartbroken at having to say goodbye to Gertrude. He has even written a song for her, and Smiling Jack, anxious to make a sale, reluctantly sings along. Soon it's over. Smiling Jack promises that he'll find Gertrude a nice garage, but Muffy discovers that he is actually planning to send it to the junkyard crusher. Once Sam realizes this, he calls Smiling Jack, who tells him that a woman bought the car while he was out having lunch. Sam is relieved that she is not crushed and hopes that the lady who bought it was nice. She certainly was! It was Jodie. She bought the car back and gave it to Sam, because, as she put it, they belong together.


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