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Muffy just can't seem to get attention from anyone in the store. Jeff and Jodie are oddly dismissive when she visits them in the children's department, and Sam calls out Penelope his cat when she comes to visit him. Mrs. P is willing to have some tea with her, but her teacup is much too big for the little mouse to handle. Muffy is very lonely. At first, things seem to be looking up when her cousin Mort comes to visit, but soon, they've had a fight over her scooter. Eventually, when Jeff and Jodie ask the two of them to share a snack, they fight over who gets the biggest pieces of cheese and cookie. So Muffy uses Waldo's magic book and turns a small vase of flowers into a magic friend named Lu. Lu proves to be a wonderful, friendly mouse who speaks in rhyme, but Muffy's joy is short lived when Mort vies for the attention of her lovely guest. Soon they're fighting over her friendship.

What Muffy doesn't know is that the reason her friends are acting so standoffish is that they're planning a special surprise party, and they don't want her to see what they're doing in preparation. When Muffy sees Lu conferring with Jeff and Jodie, she becomes even more jealous. Finally, when everything is ready for the party, Lu comes to get Muffy. She asks her to come with her, but before they can go, Mort comes in. They begin fighting vigorously over Lu, pulling her first one way and then the other until Lu disappears and the only thing sitting there is a vase of flowers. Mort is shocked. He had no idea that Lu was a magical friend. Muffy explains what has happened, and soon they're apologizing to each other over their selfishness. So Muffy has found herself a real friend in her cousin Mort. She feels much better. Then, to her surprise, a wall moves and from behind some panels come Jodie, Jeff, Mrs. P and Sam, crying "Surprise!" A big sign reads, "We Love You Muffy" and there is a beautiful cake just for her. Now she knows why her friends had been so busy and she happily joins the party.



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