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Muffy is very restless and tired of her humdrum life in the store. She needs a vacation. In desperation, she decides to enter a contest featured on the back of a cereal box of Breakfast Buttons. If she wins, she'll get a trip to "Vacation Island," a tropical paradise pictured on the back of the box. In her zeal to enter multiple times, she eats 22 boxes of the horrible tasting stuff. She has a terrible stomach ache, but she thinks it's worth it. She feels she *has* to win, because no one needs a vacation more than she does. Jodie tries to warn her that she may not win, but Muffy refuses to believe this. The winner will be announced on "Rodeo Rick Rodent's" cartoon show, and Muffy dresses up like a cowgirl in preparation for the big moment. Everyone is watching with her, but they're all afraid she will be disappointed. Sure enough, the prize goes to someone named "Muffin Figwig," but when they hear the "Muff" part they at first think Muffy has won. She is crushed. But just as her hopes have been dashed, they are raised again, when Rodeo Rick says that if there's a "Muffy Mouse" out there, he has a special prize just for her. Since she sent in the most entries, they were sending her a truck full of...Breakfast Buttons! Muffy can't stand the stuff. Her hopes are dashed again. Jodie had a feeling this would happen but she feels badly anyway. She and Jeff wish they had some magic like Waldo's so they could wave a wand and pop! Muffy would be on vacation island. Jodie remembers that once Waldo told her that each of us has his own magic wand right inside their heads - their imagination! They decide to use their imaginations to build Muffy a vacation island right there in the store. They use a sandbox for the beach, cotton on cardboard for clouds, and a big cardboard sun. They have a wading pool for the ocean, they even dye the water blue, and create palm trees out of old carpet rolls and green umbrellas. Then they blindfold Muffy and bring her down to the basement where they've set up this island. Muffy is thrilled, and cries tears of joy. They seem to have really created a wonderful tropical feeling, and Jodie remarks that she almost expects a tropical storm to come along. Just then, a steady downpour begins -- they seem to have sprung a leak! They all gather under the umbrella palms and watch in amazement as the cotton clouds spin under the water.



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