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Jeff is sitting in an easy chair in the children's department, taking a nap. He is agitated and talking in his sleep. Suddenly he awakens and calls for Jodie and Sam. The floors are caving in, and everyone has to get up on the roof. Sam doesn't see any evidence of this but Jeff insists, "I saw it, Sam, we're in terrible danger!" So Sam runs to get Muffy. Jeff finds Jodie and grabs her hand and pulls her up to the roof, while she looks, puzzled, down at the perfectly normal floors. Jeff breathes a sigh of relief when all four are safe on the roof. Jodie tells him to calm down and tell her exactly what he saw. He tells them that he heard a loud rumble, the floors began to shake, and a great hole opened up. Jodie was on the edge, about to fall in. Jodie is puzzled. She saw none of this. But Jeff remembers it very clearly. It all happened just when he had put his head down for a nap. Now Jodie knows what happened. He had a dream. Jeff doesn't sleep as much as humans, so he's unfamiliar with dreams. Jodie explains all about dreams, and Jeff is greatly relieved. Still, he's not quite ready to go back into the store. He's still a bit frightened. So even though Muffy is cold and they've interrupted her nap, she and the others agree to stay up on the roof with him until he feels better. So they start talking about their dreams. Muffy relates a nightmare she once had in which Jeff and Jodie were cats and they were chasing Muffy around the store with nets. Interestingly, all the people in the dream spoke in rhyme. In the end, Sam came to save the day, but the dream was very scary to Muffy at the time. Next Sam tells about a dream he had. Though he can't remember the whole dream, he does remember a silly song about a blue cow, and they all sing it together. Jeff mentions using his imagination as a form of dream - Sam tells him that's called daydreaming. So they all decide to daydream about music. Bruce Cockburn, the Canadian rock star, plays a very soothing melody. Finally, Jodie tells them about a wonderful dream she had in which she was Cinderella. It was a kind of a Cinderella take off, with Jeff as a prancing, foppish prince and Sam and Muffy doing double duty as both the wicked stepsisters and the fairy godmothers. When she's done, Jeff says he thinks he can go back inside now. He sees that the floors are right where they should be, and understands that he had a scary nightmare. Sam suggests that they all remember that if they have a scary dream, they should tell each other about it, because that helps.



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