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Mrs. Pennypacker has the task of counting all the wheels in the store. She is in the process of counting the wheels in the stock room when Sam and Muffy come in to say hello and, unfortunately, cause her to lose count. She's not the only one with wheels on her mind. Upstairs, Jodie is making a wheel display and when Jeff is curious about the roller skates, she teaches him how to skate. There are wheels everywhere. Unicycles, bicycles, tricycles, toy race cars, toy dump trucks, everything fun with wheels. Unfortunately, Mrs. P has no idea that there are wheels anywhere in the store besides the stock room and the automotive department. When she announces that she has finished, Muffy informs the others that she doesn't know about the wheels in the children's department. It turns out that she doesn't realize that there are wheels in the sports department, the furniture department, nearly every department in the store! Mrs. Pennypacker tries to insist on doing it all herself, but Jodie and the others assure her that she must accept their help. "A friend in need is a friend indeed," they tell her, and they know she would do likewise for them. At first, it's pretty slow going, but Sam comes up with the idea of using wheels to help them count. Instead of going to shelves and counting all the wheels, Sam suggests loading them up on carts and then wheeling them over to Mrs. Pennypacker to count. Muffy decides to use her own set of wheels, her scooter, to count wheels elsewhere in the store, and Jeff and Jodie roller skate through the other departments to quickly count the wheels there. In the end, they manage to meet Mrs. P's deadline, and they have a lot of fun doing it.



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