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Lost and Found

Jeff finds a lost glove on the floor in the children's department. He plans to give it to Jodie, but Sam tells him he can take it straight to the Lost and Found. Jeff has never heard of the Lost and Found and Sam offers to take him there. That is, as soon as he can remember where it is. They finally find it, and there they also find Jodie, who comes in with a big box of beautiful red apples. It was delivered to the store with no one's name on it, so Jodie has brought it to the Lost and Found department. Sam immediately begins looking hungrily at the apples, but Jeff reminds him that the apples aren't for him. Soon, the apples begin moving in the box, and out of it pops Mort, Muffy's cousin from the farm. He hid in the apple box in order to be mailed to the city to visit Muffy! Everyone is happy to see him, especially Sam, who now asks if he can have some of the apples. Mort gladly offers him some and then goes off to see Muffy. When he gets to her place, he finds things quite out of place. Her bed isn't made, there are feathers strewn everywhere from Muffy's feather boa, and there is cheese uneaten on her plate. Furthermore, there's no sign of Muffy. She's gone. Mort hurries back to tell the others and they begin a comprehensive search for her. Sam changes into his Cam the Detective outfit, gets his magnifying glass out, and begins a rather inept search. Mort is more successful, finding a feather from Muffy's boa. He and Jodie follow the trail of feathers and find that it leads to the basement. Unknown to them, Muffy has been captured by Herman T. Horrible for display in his amazing animal carnival. He has all kinds of strange creatures on display there, a beaver that weaves, a bareback horse riding spider who sips cider, an elephant who cooks spaghetti, an educated turtle, and more. But none of them can talk. With a talking mouse in his carnival, he'll be able to attract more people to his shows. Now, he has spotted Mort, and when Mort separates from Jodie in order to tell Sam and Jeff to come down to the basement, he uses his magic gas on him. The magic gas makes people confused and compliant, obeying all of his orders. That's how he caught Muffy, and now he's caught Mort, too. And that's why Jeff, Sam and Jodie have to be very careful to rescue them. Jodie and Jeff pretend to be mannequins and hide among the mannequins ready to snatch the magic gas while Sam, in a cardboard box, sneaks up and unlocks the cage and sets the mice free. It works and they all run to the Lost and Found and lock the door, but Mr. Horrible has beaten them there. He is about to spray all of them with the magic gas, but Muffy, thinking quickly, turns on the fan and blows the gas back at him. Then they use scarves to tie him up until the police come. So Muffy was lost and found, and everyone is happy that Mr. Horrible won't be hurting any animals ever again.



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