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The Sea

Everyone is getting ready for Mrs. Pennypacker's tea party. Well, everyone except Sam. He thinks she said she was having a "sea party." He shows up at the party in his full naval uniform and begins asking where everyone else's sea party costumes are. Muffy laughs unabashedly at his mistake, and Sam becomes flustered and very embarrassed and leaves. Jodie reproves Muffy for laughing at Sam and Muffy runs after him to apologize, but the damage is done. They feel nothing can be done, but Mrs. P thinks otherwise. Why not make a *real* sea party the next day? It can be a big surprise party. Everyone loves the idea. Jeff and Jodie begin getting everything ready for it right away. Muffy takes Sam to the fish market to pick up some fish to get him out of the way. Meanwhile, Mrs. P makes special tropical punch and they bring an aquarium up to the children's department as a decoration, which inspires Jeff to imagine that he's a fish. Mrs. P dresses up as an octopus and Jeff and Jodie are wearing slick yellow scuba diving costumes.

Sam enjoys his trip to the fish store and is confused when Muffy rushes him out of the store almost as fast as she rushed him in. She puts Sam in the cart and tows him with her scooter, telling him to hide his eyes. They come into the children's department and when he can see, he is amazed. The whole children's department is decorated with things from the sea. There is food, and punch, and his friends, all dressed up in sea costumes. Jodie comes along and puts his naval cap on his head. He is very touched and even cries a little. Jeff and Jodie do a scuba dance and Muffy sings a song dressed up as a mermaid. The party is a big success and at the end, Sam drinks a toast to everyone, "the four best friends a fellow ever had, on land or on sea."



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