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Muffy excitedly beckons Jeff and Jodie to the roof. They humor her by following her there, but they have no idea what Muffy wants them to see. They know it's about something that rarely flies at night and flies south for the winter. "Must be robins or something, or geese, right Muffy?" says Jodie. "No you guys, it's butterflies!" Jeff is surprised, "Butterflies? Butterflies fly south for the winter?" Muffy confirms that they do. They're intrigued, but Jodie is anxious to get back to her kite display. She points out that it's too dark to see anything anyway, so she needs to go back in. But all this talk about butterflies has given her an idea for her display and he and Jodie go back to work. Just after they've gone, Muffy actually meets a butterfly. Her name is Hazel. She is feeling quite tired. At 2 years of age, Hazel is advanced in years for a butterfly. Muffy takes pity on her and invites her in for a rest. After a misunderstanding in which Sam tries to catch her with a butterfly net, Hazel meets the rest of the gang. Everyone is enchanted as she describes how wonderful it is to be a butterfly and to fly with the breeze. Jeff does some reading about butterflies and he and Jodie look at some pictures of exotic butterflies as they decorate the children's department with kites and cut-outs shaped like butterflies. Muffy wants to feed her friend, so she learns to make a sweet drink for her out of honey and water. She gets the honey from Sam, after which TXL shows him a video of the transition from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Muffy is thrilled with her new friend, and after Hazel has had something to drink, she tells her a bedtime story. It's all about a mouse and a butterfly who are best friends. The story ends, "friends we are we're friends forever, never not be friends no never." While Hazel naps, Muffy decides to ask everyone if it would be okay if Hazel spent the winter in the store. Everyone thinks that's a fine idea, and Jeff makes a special box for Hazel to rest in. Hazel is touched by everyone's thoughtfulness, but tells Muffy that she won't be able to stay. She's dying. And in about a minute, she is gone. Muffy's cries can be heard throughout the store, and her friends run to her side. Yes, Hazel was two years old, and it was time for her to die. But Jodie explains that they can still remember all the things they loved about her. Jeff's special box is used to bury Hazel among the roses where Muffy first met her, and Muffy sings a song to her friend. "We love you Hazel, we're glad we met you, we'll really miss you, we won't forget you, we love you Hazel, we're glad we met you, we'll really miss you, we won't forget a friend like you."



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