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In the series's first episode, Jodie explains to Jeff that she's got to get ready for a big hat sale. Jeff wants to help and Jodie asks him to gather all the hats he can find. Jeff promptly gathers boots instead, but a look in the What is It? Book sets Jeff right and he realizes he's wearing a hat. He explains to us that his hat is magic, given to him by Waldo the Magnificent, and that among the many things he has to learn is to not take his magic hat off. Just to show us what he means, he takes it off. Jodie comes in, puts his hat on, and says the magic words.

Next we see Sam doing his rounds. He invites us to play a guessing game. Afterwards he sees Jeff and calls out hello, suddenly he is pulled off camera.

Jeff proudly brings a push cart brimming with hats to the childrens' department, but muffled cries soon reveal that Jeff has thrown Sam's hat, and Sam himself, into the cart.

"You told me to gather up all the hats I could find!" Jeff says sheepishly.

"But not if they have people attached to them!"

Jodie and Sam try to explain to Jeff about how nice it is to wear a hat and sing, "There's Something About a Hat".

Next Jeff and Jodie are confused by a moving sombrero on the counter, under which they find Muffy eating lemon and pickles. She tells them a new rhyme, the old woman who lived in a hat.

Next, we visit Sam in the computer room where he tells us about his long time wish to be a cowboy. He puts on a cowboy hat and pretends.

It's Jodie's turn to pretend back in the childrens' department when she notices a baby's bonnet among the hats she is getting ready for the sale. It all seems like fun until lunchtime, when she has to eat baby food.

Next Sam is knitting in his computer room -- he's been working on this hat since 1926, so he figures it's time to try it on. Not surprisingly, the hat is a little big!

Sam introduces a story which it appears Muffy will miss until she is discovered hiding under Sam's hat. The story is Simon the Magic rabbit, told by Deborah Fallick.

Next TXL sings a repirse of "Something About a Hat" in a voice over, as Jodie, Sam, Muffy and Jeff try on different hats. At the end, Jeff removes a series of hats from his head until he reveals a Royal Canadian Mounted Police hat.

Next Sam shows Muffy around his room, including TXL, and asks Muffy why she always talks in rhyme. Muffy says she was born to rhyme and so must do till the end of time. Sam remarks that that's peculiar, but then again there are lots of peculiar things happening lately.

"First it's a mouse who talks in rhyme, and then a computer, not to mention the mannequin upstairs with the magic hat running around!"

TXL explains her duties in the store.

Next Jeff and Jodie, still setting up the hat display, sing another hat song. Jeff tries to twirl two hats on each hand while tossing another up on his head with his foot. He almost makes it, but the hat falls off. Jeff rushes around putting different hats on Jodie's head as Jodie sings about them. Finally, tired, he sits down, and Jodie puts a nightcap on his head.

Back in the computer room, Muffy and Sam are wearing nightcaps, too, and taking a little snooze. Even TXL is displaying ZZZZZZZZZ's.


  • Find a hat in this picture of a cow
  • Find the hat with the feather
  • Find the word that rhymes with hat
  • Find the fireman's hat
  • Which hat is the biggest?
  • Which hat is a witch's hat?

Nursery Rhyme:

  • Jerry Hall, he was so small, a rat could eat him, hat and all!


  • None
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