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Muffy comes into the children's department and finds Jeff still a mannequin. She says the magic words, and Jeff wonders where Jodie is. Muffy says she's late, even though Jodie is usually on time. Muffy and Jeff are afraid Sam might be mad if they find out she's late, so they decide to hide the truth from Sam by starting Jodie's display so he'll think she's working. Jeff knows today's special is soup, and there's a big box of soup on the counter. He starts to unpack it, and he and Muffy talk about soup. Muffy says her favorite is cheese soup, which Jeff has never heard of. She says it's a secret recipe known only to mice. As they unpack the box, Muffy and Jeff sing about "Soup, soup, steaming hot soup," and dance around in front of the counter. Ending with a wave of his hand, Jeff accidentally knocks down the stack of soup they've been making.

In the computer room, Sam is enjoying some vegetable soup before he goes on his rounds. Afterwards he eats a donut, and TXL reminds him that it is not very nutritious. Sam complains that she and Jodie are always bothering him about eating donuts.

Jeff and Muffy rebuild the soup pyramid they are building for a display in the children's department. They hear Sam coming, and decide to say nothing so as not to make a mistake, but when Sam asks where Jodie went they both point in different directions. "Something tells me there's something funny going on here," Sam says.

Then the phone rings -- it's Jodie telling Sam she's sick and won't be coming in today. Sam wonders why they didn't tell him before, and they explain they thought he'd be mad. "Mad! When do I get mad!" Sam shouts, "Do I look mad?"

"A little." Jeff says. But he's not mad, he realizes Jodie should stay home and rest, and tells Jeff he will take her to the doctor if she doesn't feel better tomorrow. Jeff wonders what a doctor is and Sam explains that Jodie took him to the doctor when he had a sore throat.

Muffy suggests that Sam show Jeff what happened, so we all watch that visit when Jodie and Sam went to the doctor to get checked out, and was given a tongue depresser as a present.

Jeff and Muffy wish that someone would take care of Jodie, since she lives alone. They suggest that they can take care of the store so that Sam can go and visit her and bring her some presents. Jeff suggests he ring a skipping rope, but Sam says Jodie won't be going outside since she's sick. Muffy suggests a coloring book and crayons would be a good gift for Jodie. Jeff suggests a drum, but Sam reminds him that sick people often feel badly and don't want to hear a lot of noise.

Jeff remarks that being sick must be awful. Sam sings, "Being Sick" and Jeff and Muffy join in.

Then Jeff realizes the perfect thing to bring Jodie would be soup, because it is hot and easy to swallow. Sam pulls a can from the bottom of the soup display and it falls again.

Muffy goes to the computer room and puts on Sam's hat, happy to be the boss for awhile, but a little worried about Penelope.

TXL is reluctant to take orders from Muffy and Muffy calls her a "silly old machine."

"Don't be rude or else you'll wait, or I won't start to activate!" TXL replies.

Muffy realizes TXL has spoken in rhyme. "Are you making fun of me, just because we disagree?"

TXL reminds Muffy that she did call her a silly old machine. So Muffy invites us all to join her in saying "Please", hoping TXL will give us a quiz. It works, and TXL gives the quiz.

Next we see Sam at Jodie's house and she is grateful to see him. He gives her the coloring book from Muffy, which is full of pictures of mice eating cheese. Sam offers to make the soup Jeff sent. Jodie wonders whether Jeff and Muffy can handle making the display.

Jeff, back at the store, completes a huge pyramid of soup, but he has made a mess and takes a broom to start cleaning up. Sort of. Actually he starts dancing with the broom around the room. When he tosses the broom it hangs in the air and begins to dance by itself. Jeff takes another broom and they dance together.

Back at Jodie's apartment, Jodie is eating her soup and tells Sam that her mom used to bring her soup when she was sick and then read her a story. Sam decides to tell her a story about Penelope looking for her lost blanket. After the story, Jodie is finished with her soup and doesn't want any more.

At the store Jeff is finishing up the display. Next to the pyramid of soup he has made little houses out of soup boxes and construction paper.

Muffy comes along and asks a riddle. What is frozen soup with a stick in the middle? (A soupsicle). She admires Jeff's display, but asks him if he would put a mouse in it. Jeff puts a little toy mouse on one of the soup cans . . . and the whole display collapses. Jeff and Muffy hardly have time to wonder what to do next, the display picks itself up and the pyramid is restored.

Back at Jodie's, Sam encourages Jodie to rest and he sings "a good thing to remember, soon you will be well again."


  • Which duck is the largest?
  • Which apple pie is different?
  • What's strange about this bus?
  • What has four wheels? (a skate)

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