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Muffy, Jodie and Jeff are playing "Hide and Go Seek". Muffy is it, and Jodie and Jeff hide. Jeff hides in the dressing room, but soon runs out again before the game is over because he says he saw a monster in there.

Jodie laughs. "There are no monsters!" Still, Muffy runs off. Jodie goes into the dressing room to prove it. "I can't look!" Jeff says, covering his eyes. She soon comes out with the "monster", who turns out to be her dog, Chipper. Jeff feels kind of silly. Jeff is still afraid of Chipper and won't get near him. Jodie tells him she brought the dog to the store for the pet show the workers are having. Jeff hopes maybe he can get a pet tonight to bring to the pet show the next day. Jodie asks Sam to ask TXL to help.

She helps by listing pet after pet in a song, "Have I Got a Pet for You!" as Jeff looks at corresponding stuffed animal toys. Soon stuffed animals are practically raining down on him and he calls out for TXL to stop. She won't, so Sam has to pull her plug.

Sam tells Penelope he likes her because, unlike TXL, she doesn't talk his ear off. He's very fond of her, that's why he takes her to the vet regularly.

Next we see a scene of the last time Sam and Jodie took Penelope to the vet. Penelope makes the waiting room's goldfish nervous by taking an interest in them, and they're relieved when she goes in for her check up. The vet examines her teeth, her eyes, and listens to her heart. Sam listens, too.

Back at the store, Jeff is still looking for a pet. He has narrowed down his choices to three. A goldfish, a parakeet, or a mouse. He starts to pick up the goldfish . . . then he finds out they can't live out of water. Maybe the parakeet would be better. He goes to get a leash to take it for a walk, but finds out parakeets don't go for walks on leashes. Next he offers the mouse a bone, but soon learns it is dogs who chew on bones, not mice. He realizes he doesn't know much about pets and thinks maybe he shouldn't have one until he knows how to care for them. Still, he sings, "I Want a Pet of My Own".

"That was very nice, can you sing it twice?" Chipper asks.

Jeff is amazed that the dog can talk. He tries to get the dog to talk again. "Read any good books lately?" "How about those Blue Jays?" He wonders if it was only in his imagination.

Next we sit back to watch a show as Today's Special Guest Monica Gaylord plays fairy music, with Sam and Muffy dressed as fairies dancing around to music from "The Nutcracker".

Jodie is painting a sign in the children's department when Jeff tells her he has found the perfect pet. She closes her eyes and Jeff brings in a plant on a wagon.

"Jeff, I don't know how to tell you this, that's not a pet, that's a plant."

Jeff knows it is, but he can take care of it the same way as a pet. He can give it water and plant food, and even take it for walks. He doesn't know much about animals, and he feels it's not right to have a pet he doesn't know how to take care of. "You know Jeff you are getting smarter every day." Jodie says. Jeff names his plant Rachel.

Jeff says it's too bad Rachel can't talk like Chipper does. Jodie insists her dog can't talk and she laughs, thinking Jeff is trying to tease her. But after she leaves, Chipper talks some more.

TXL shows us the pictures for a story in which a bird falls out of a nest and a little girl nurses it back to health. We tell the story.

When Jodie comes back to the children's department, Jeff is setting up a microphone and a tape recorder to tape Chipper's talking. Jodie thinks he's playing a game. Chipper, she insists, has never said a word in his life. But right in front of Jodie, Chipper announces he's going to sing a song.

"Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow-wow, bow-wow!" he sings.

Jodie knows the dog can't talk, so she searches for where the voice is really coming from, and finds Muffy hiding behind a display rack singing into a microphone. Jodie scolds her, telling her it's not nice to play tricks on people.

Still, Jeff decides he likes Chipper anyway, even if he can't talk, and realizes he's had a pretty good night, he's made two friends, Chipper and Rachel.

Now Jeff, Jodie and Muffy (and Sam who comes in), sing "I Found a Pet of My Own".


  • A picture of an animal's nose: which animal is it? A picture of an animal's ear: which animal is it?
  • Which word rhymes with "cow"?
  • Guess which animal is behind the curtain by the sounds they make.
  • Which pet lives in a) a bowl? b) a cage?

Nursery Rhyme:

  • Wouldn't it be funny, wouldn't it now?


  • This is Monica Gaylord's first appearance. She is a highly respected classical pianist in Canada.
  • The "Blue Jays", for those who don't follow baseball, is Toronto's baseball team. They play in the "American League".
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