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Jodie is trying to set up a camping display but she doesn't know how to put up a tent. "HELP! HELP!" she calls out.

he could put up the tent, but Sam says she can be his "little helper". This is not good enough for Muffy, she wants to be "boss", so they begin arguing. Jodie flips a coin to decide, and Sam wins. Muffy walks off disgusted. "Don't get miffed, Muff!" Jeff calls after her.

Next there is a fast-motion sequence where Sam instructs Jeff and Jodie in putting up the tent. They finish with a "Ta-da!"

Jodie tells Jeff the display reminds her of camping trips when she was a Girl Scout. Jeff is sorry he can't camp out, so Jodie says they can have a camping trip in the store. Sam agrees, and the three of them sing "Hi, ho, fiddle dee dee, a camping life for me!"

Muffy overhears their plans and is hurt that they planned it without her. "Let's see what trouble I can brew!" she says.

Jodie brings the food and fishing tackle, and she and Sam wait for Jeff to change into his "camping outfit". He comes out of the dressing room in a tuxedo and asks, "What do we do first?"

Sam answers, "Well, the first thing we do is we figure out what you got on!"

Jeff thought that since camping is a special occasion, he'd put on fancy clothes, and Jodie explains that it is special, but not a "dress up" special occasion. Jeff feels silly, but then Jodie says since this is a pretend camping trip they can pretend he's wearing blue jeans.

Next Sam and Jodie recite the camping list and have Jeff recite it back to them.

Later, Jeff, Jodie and Sam are in their sleeping bags, and Jodie explains how they work. Sam says he is going to "rest his eyes" and promptly falls asleep.

"Oh, really!" Jodie says, "I have never in all my life known anybody who falls asleep as quickly as Sam!"

Jeff feels something soft and furry in his sleeping back. He takes a look. It's an animal, black and white, the size of the cat, but not a cat, with a pointy nose, a fluffy tail and a white stripe up its back.

A SKUNK! Sam wakes up and Jodie tells Jeff to get out of his sleeping bag. He finally sticks his head back out and is holding a stuffed toy. "Jodie, what does made in Hong Kong mean?" he asks. Someone has played a trick on them.

Next Sam shows Jeff about fishing. Jeff wonders why anyone would want to go camping, and Sam has a hard time explaining. He teaches Jeff to cast his line into the plastic wading pool and tells him about the time he taught Jodie to fish.

We see Sam explain to Jodie's disgust that you need worms to bait the hook. He also tells her that he caught a large mouthed bass in 1937 that was so big he couldn't get it into his car. Jodie is doubtful. Sam admits he "stretched the truth". Jodie gets bored after sitting for long time and catching nothing. Finally it seems Sam has caught something, "it's a beaut!" he says. It's a beaut all right, "A beaut of a boot!" says Jodie as she puts the boot into the fishing net. Sam says they can look at the bright side, "At least the fish are happy!"

Back at the store, Jeff seems to catch something in the wading pool, and it turns out to be a plastic fish. Yet another trick.

Next TXL tells us about the Willoby family's camping trip to the city. She shows us pictures, and we tell the story.

Jeff asks Jodie how long they can camp out and Jodie says the camping sale lasts until the end of next week. Sam and Jeff are playing "Go Fish". "Got any threes?" Jeff asks.

Suddenly they hear crickets. Jodie is wondering what crickets are doing in the middle of a department store in the middle of the city.

"Maybe they're shopping." Jeff says.

Next they hear a frog and a mountain lion, and Jodie finds the source. A tape recorder hidden nearby. The trickster has left a trail and as the three of them set off to follow it, Jeff finally has a chance to change his clothes.

Footprints are everywhere, even up the shirt front of a mannequin, but they all lead back to Muffy's mouse hole. Muffy admits what she did. She was upset that they didn't invite her. So now they invite her to join them, and she is surprised and delighted that they are not mad. Now all four sing "A camping life for me!"

Next Jodie tells the story about the ant and the dove, two animals who helped each other, just like Jodie's friends helped her.

Of course, Muffy wasn't much help, and they review all the tricks she has played. "Don't forget the poles I bent!" she says. "The poles I bent hold up this tent!" Not for long, as the tent comes crashing down.


  • What shape does the tent look like? What shape does the sun look like?
  • If we were camping, what sounds would we hear?
  • A family is going camping, which thing would they NOT take?
  • A man is bird watching. Find the bird. What kind of bird is it?

Nursery Rhyme:

  • None


  • When Jeff asks Sam, "Got any threes?" in their game of "Go Fish", he is quoting a line from a famous M&Ms commercial from the 1970s.
  • Bob Dermer, who plays Sam, enjoys bird watching as a hobby.
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