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The children's department is covered with balloons because the store is going to celebrate its "birthday" in the morning. Sam comes along and he evidently has a cold because he is sneezing and carrying a handkerchief. He goes to the window for some fresh air and sneezes again. Meanwhile, Muffy is hiding in the display behind a balloon.

Next the four of them sing about "Balloons" and how much they love them.

Jeff asks Jodie which balloons she likes best and she tells them that the yellow ones with the stars are her favorites. They were given to her by her nephew Davey at the amusement park.

Sam lets out another sneeze, this time a monstrous one which scattered all the balloons, and Jodie's special balloons fly out the open window. They use a telescope to look out the window and Jeff thinks he has found one, but he's actually looking at the moon.

"Hi, diddle diddle, how about a riddle?" Muffy asks. "What's round as a pie and hangs in the sky?" No one knows, so she adds, "It's a lovely sight when it shines at night". Still nothing. "It has a face as you can see, or so some say and I agree." The answer is the moon.

Sam discovers that his computer room is full of some of the scattered balloons from the children's department. He asks TXL to help him find the balloons, so she begins scanning the outside of the store.

"You sure you don't have your wires crossed, now TXL?" Sam asks.

"I am a TXL Series 4 computer, I am working correctly." she answers.

And she's right because she soon finds Jodie's balloons caught on the TV antenna on the roof to the store.

Jodie and Jeff are blowing up balloons back in the children's department and Jeff notices that Jodie's is bigger than his. She explains that that's because she blew more air into hers, so Jeff blows more air into his but it's still smaller. So Jodie lets out some of the air of her balloon to make it the same size as Jeff's. Then, just for fun, she lets all the air out and the balloon flies away.

Jodie is still sad about losing her balloons, so she tells Jeff and shows us all about the day she and Davey went to the amusement park and how Davey gave her the two prettiest balloons, saying, "I love you, Aunt Jodie!"

Muffy and Jeff meet in the children's department, later, Jeff has been collecting stray balloons. He sings, "A Balloon Can Make You Happy" because he feels bad that Jodie's favorite balloons have been lost. Sam comes in and tells Jeff and Muffy that TXL found the balloons and they decide to surprise Jodie by getting them down before telling her about it. But first they have to figure out how to get them down from the roof, so they decide to put their heads together (ouch!) and think about it.

Meanwhile, TXL tells the story of "The Little Balloon That Grew".

Sam and Muffy find a trap door that leads to the roof, but the door won't open all the way and Sam can't fit through. So Muffy goes through and gets Jodie's balloons and brings them back to the trap door. Unfortunately, the balloons won't fit through either. So Sam uses some string from his string collection and tells Muffy to tie the string to the balloons just like she ties her shoes. Before she can say anything Sam runs off, but she tells us she doesn't wear shoes, since mice go barefoot, so she really doesn't know how to tie a bow. She'll try her best anyway.

Jodie comes into the children's department with the rest of the balloons, all except hers have been found. Jeff and Sam are busy looking out the window, but they won't tell Jodie why. Sam calls up to Muffy to drop the string, and they pull the balloon through.

Jodie is so happy she gives both Sam and Jeff a hug. Sam and Jeff explain that Muffy was the one who was small enough to crawl through the trap door and that she was the one who tied the string. Muffy says sometimes it's better to be small, and Jodie gives her a hug, too.

Suddenly, Sam starts another sneeze! Nope! He's only joking!


  • Which balloon is different?
  • Which balloon is the biggest?

Nursery Rhyme:

  • They say a balloon has gone up to the moon!


  • None
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