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As the show begins, we see Jodie smelling flowers, they smell so good she starts to sing "I'm so glad I've got a nose". Sam comes along and tells her the song was real pretty, so she offers him a daisy, but he's allergic to daisies, and sneezes if he gets too close to them.

Jeff comes running in looking for a rubber band. When he finds it he uses it to fasten a small paper cup over his nose. "Whew! Made it! That was close!" he says.

Jodie and Sam have no idea what's happening, so Sam suggests that Jodie ask Jeff why he has the cup on his nose. He says he doesn't want to talk about it. Jodie thinks maybe he hurt his nose or that it's bleeding. Sam thinks maybe he's caught Muffy's cold and is using the cup to catch the germs when he sneezes. Jeff says his nose is fine and he doesn't have a cold. An ear piercing sneeze shakes the air, it is Muffy sneezing.

Next we are in Muffy's room as she tells us a verse about her cold. "The doctor says to stay in bed, because I have a stuffed up head."

In the computer room, Sam's sneezes cause TXL to explain why we sneeze. She also explains that she doesn't sneeze because she doesn't have a nose.

"Well for something that doesn't have a nose, you sure can be awfully nosy!" Sam says. TXL protests that's she's only curious. For example, she wonders what Sam did on his day off.

Sam tells all about a walk he and Jodie took and a visit they made to the "Little Pie Shoppe". There, among other things, Jodie tries her hand at making some bread in the kitchen, since the shop is owned by a good friend of Sam's.

Jodie talks to us about her concern about Jeff. She thinks maybe he doesn't like his nose and is trying to hide it, so she asks us to sit up straight and point to our noses, so she can show Jeff that we all have noses too. She sings "Everybody's Got a Nose!"

Jeff explains he likes his nose just fine, but he's never going to take the cup off his nose. "I give up!" Jodie exclaims.

Next, in Sam's computer room, Sam talks about his nose, "the Crenshaw nose comes in large economy size!" He calls it the "Crenshaw nose" because all in his family have the same nose. He shows a picture of himself and his sisters, all sharing the same nose. TXL explains next how our noses work.

Next Deborah Fallick reads a Willoby Tale about Wendall's nose, which is so big the other kids tease him about it but which helps him become a hero when he smells fire and warns everyone about it.

Sam and TXL talk about elephants' noses. TXL shows a picture of how the elephant's nose or trunk can pick things up and spray water. Next Sam is quite surprised when TXL tells a joke. When an elephant goes on a trip, why doesn't he carry any luggage? Because he already has a trunk!

To which Sam says, "And that's why computers should never tell jokes!"

Jodie finds Jeff's backpack and his toy soldier is inside. When she notices that the toy soldier's nose has fallen off, she realizes that Jeff is probably afraid that his nose will fall off too, and that's why he's wearing the cup over his nose.

Jodie shows the soldier to Jeff and Jeff admits that he is afraid his nose might fall off, but he was afraid to tell Jodie because he was afraid she would laugh at him. She tells him she would never laugh at anything that frightened him. She explains that the soldier is made of wood and paint, but he is flesh and bone and his nose can't fall off. Jeff thinks it is already starting, since he discovered that he already has two holes in his nose. Jodie explains that those are nostrils and that everybody has them. She invites Jeff to pull on her nose. "Hey, it's stuck on tight!" Jeff says. They go to check out Sam's nose.

When Jeff tugs Sam's nose he says, "Of course it won't fall off. It's stuck to my face, has been since I was born!"

"What a relief!" Jeff says.

"You know, Jeff, I really do like you, but sometimes you're just a teensy weensy bit weird!" Sam replies.

So Jeff takes off the cup and declares he loves his nose, and Jodie's and Sam's too. "And wherever you are, Muffy, I love your nose!" She answers with another tremendous sneeze.

Now Jeff and Jodie and Sam sing all together, "I'm so glad I've got a nose!"


  • Match the nose with the right animal
  • If we didn't have a nose would a sneeze come out our ear?
  • Guess whose nose this is?
  • Match the nose to the right animal
    Part 1. a pig's nose
    Part 2. an elephant's nose
  • Airplanes have noses too!
  • A face with an upside down nose
  • We all have a special smell

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