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Muffy pops up in the children's department and admires Jodie's wig display. Jeff is helping out but he wonders what hair is. Muffy says it's the silliest question she's ever heard, but she doesn't have time to answer it, and tells him to ask Sam when he comes around.

Jodie is setting up another display with wigs. She puts a wig on the counter and is startled when it sneezes! The wig pops up to reveal Muffy underneath, eating a pickle. Jodie says, "Well you certainly flipped your wig!"

Having lost interest in her pickle, Muffy asks Jodie if she can borrow some things from the children's department for some secret work. Jodie says that's fine as long as she doesn't take anything from a display.

Sam comes in on his rounds and sings, "I Dream of Jeannie with the light brown hair!" That's just what Jeff wants to know about so he asks, "What is it?" Sam replies that it's a song, but Jeff explains he is asking what is hair? Sam takes off his hat and shows Jeff the hair underneath. Jeff realizes he has hair, too, underneath his magic hat. Sam agrees, and points out that eyebrows, mustaches, and beards are hair too.

Suddenly, Sam gets a look at the display of a mannequin family that Jeff has been working on. "Merciful marmalade and muffins, Jeff, what happened there?" Jeff has seriously misplaced the mannequin's wigs on the display. Sam asks us to help Jeff to straighten things out. Jeff figures he should get rid of a particularly silly looking beard, which is on the woman mannequin's face. He finds a blond wig for her. Then he takes the mustache off of the boys forehead and puts it, finally, on the man's upper lip. Next he finds a wig with a braid for the little girl, and a shining cap of hair for the boy. The display now looks right.

Elsewhere in the children's department, Muffy is admiring two mannequins in swimsuits in Jodie's display. She jokingly suggests they would be better looking if they were mice. Then she sees some bobby pins on the counter for her secret project, and since she has permission to take them, she grabs them and runs off.

Later, Jodie is sitting on the counter looking at a book of hairstyles when Jeff comes in. He is amazed at all the different ways in which hair can be worn, so he and Jodie sing a song about it. "You can wear it long and shaggy, you can wear it short and neat, you can wear it in a little bun but not the kind you eat!"

Later, Jodie and Jeff are working on the mannequin family display and Sam comes in on his rounds. He is glad to see the improvement in the mannequins. He also says if your hair looks good, you look good, which is why he regularly gets his hair cut. Jeff is horrified. He thinks Sam is getting his hair cut with a knife or a saw, and he wonders if it hurts. Sam explains it's no problem, and offers to show Jeff what happened the last time he went to the barber shop.

We see him get his hair cut as Jodie waits, and Jodie says afterwards that he's "a new man".

After a quiz, we join Jeff on the roof as he sings about the night sky. "In the twinkle of the night sky, I can see the sun is setting, in the twinkle of the night sky, see the glow the skyscape's getting," then he dances around the roof happily and sings again, "As the magic streaks of sunlight leave, the magic of the children's dreams can weave a spell that lets imagination fly and paints gold moonbeams 'cross the sky." He spreads his arms out and long yellow streaks, like gold moonbeams, sweep up from the ground and through his outstretched hands up into the sky.

Next, Jodie reads us a fairytale about a beautiful princess named Leila who falls in love with a poor traveling minstrel who uses her hair to string his harp. When Leila is kidnapped by an evil magician, her hair in the harp sings to the minstrel to tell him how to find her. The king has promised her hand in marriage to the one who can find her, so now the minstrel and Leila get married, and the king makes the minstrel a prince.

Elsewhere in the store, Sam is doing his rounds and he stops to tell us a riddle. What's small, cries in the night, needs lots of love and attention, and is sometimes fun to play with? A baby!

Back in the children's department, Jodie is trying to decide which hair ribbons to use in her display. She decides to use blue and yellow but finds they are not on the counter where she thought she left them. Next she decides to use red and green, but when she goes back to the counter, those ribbons are gone, too! Puzzled, Jodie asks us if we saw where the ribbons went. "I might have known!" Jodie says. She pretends to be ready to use the two left, purple and orange, and she catches Muffy popping up to take the ribbon. But Muffy didn't know that Jodie was using the ribbons, so she made them into a rainbow for her secret project. Jodie thinks the rainbow is lovely, and says Muffy can use the ribbons. Muffy asks for some hair clips to use, and Jodie gives her some colorful clips shaped like birds and flowers.

Later, Jeff is still fascinated by hair, this time by the many different colors of hair. He asks Jodie what color his hair is, and she says dark brown, like chocolate. "And yours is black. Kind of like the sky at night." Jeff says to Jodie. Jodie says if we know what color our hair is, we should join her and Jeff in a song.

Jeff and Jodie sing different movements for different colors of hair.

"If your hair is red jump ahead."

"If your hair is black, jump right back."

"If your hair is blond, wave a magic wand."

"If it's gray or brown, jump up and down."

Sam is taking a little break from his rounds and asks us another riddle. What has sound but no pictures and you can hear people singing or talking? He's thinking of a telephone, but soon realizes that it could also be a radio or a record player. "I like guessing games with lots of right answers!" he says.

In her mousehole, Muffy explains that she has used all the things she has borrowed from Jodie, and colored paper and crayons, even some whiskers, to work on her secret. Soon we'll see what it is.

Back in the children's department Jodie is trying on a blond wig.

"Sweet buttered tea cakes will you get a look at this!" Sam says when he sees her.

"What happened to your hair?" Jeff asks.

"Nothing, I was just trying on a wig!" Jodie says. She puts a big shaggy gray wig on Sam's head, and Jeff puts on a big beard. They all sing once more the song about the different ways in which to wear your hair.

Now Muffy appears, and shows her completed secret project, a picture from bobby pins, clips, ribbons, and construction paper. A country house perfect for a country mouse. "I would welcome any crowd," Muffy says, "There's just one rule: No cats allowed!"


  • Mannequin, wig, mannequin, wig, mannequin . . . what comes next?
  • Where is "Old Curly's" hair?
  • Edward, Eddie, and Ed, which one has the bushiest beard?
  • Susan, Susie and Sue, whose hair is the longest?
  • Susan, Susie and Sue, whose hair is the shortest?
  • Which hair clip is different from the others?

Nursery Rhyme:

  • Barber, barber, shave a pig.

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