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Jodie, Jeff and Muffy are exercising to music. Jodie and Muffy are doing great but Jeff's push ups aren't going very well.

"Getting down is easy, it's the getting back up again that's tough!"

Jodie wonders why Jeff seems so tired, and asks him how much sleep he got last night. Jeff doesn't even know he's supposed to sleep. Just then a monstrous snore shakes the air. It seems there's one person in the store who understands what sleep is about - Sam.

Sam is snoozing away down in the computer room and TXL wakes him up. Of course, Sam insists he wasn't sleeping. He checks the store by computer and wonders why TXL has awakened him. She tells him that Jeff is not sleeping. Lack of sleep can be a serious problem, she explains. She sings, "Everyone Has to Sleep" while showing pictures of people and animals sleeping.

Jeff has put on some pajamas but he has the feet on backwards. He tries to lay down on the floor but Jodie shows him the bed she and Sam brought up for him to sleep in. "Good night!" Jeff says. Then, "Am I asleep yet?"

"If you can ask that," Jodie says, "then you're not asleep."

Suddenly Jeff sits upright in bed. What if he forgets to wake up or his heart stops beating or he forgets to breathe? Jodie explains that his brain stays awake while his body is asleep and that it will make sure his heart keeps beating and he keeps breathing, and when he's sleptenough, it will wake him up.

Later on, Jeff still can't sleep. "What if I never learn to sleep?" he worries. Sam pops up from under the covers, he has just decided to "rest his eyes" for a minute. He suggests a bedtime story. Muffy pops up next to him and suggests a lullaby.

"It's getting crowded in here!" says Jeff.

Muffy and Sam argue about whether Jeff needs a story or a song. Jodie interrupts and says what he needs is peace and quiet. Muffy and Sam continue to giggle as Muffy tickles Sam.

Next Deborah Fallick reads a Willoby Tale about Wanda's nightmares.

TXL talks about animals sleeping habits and mentions that possums like to sleep upside down. Back in the children's department, Jeff tries to sleep hanging upside down. Of course, it doesn't work. Next he tries a hammock that Sam told him about, but he has trouble getting in and winds up hanging below it by his hands and feet.

"WHAT are you doing Jeff?" Jodie exclaims. She decides maybe he does need a lullaby. She sings her favorite lullaby ("Let go of your busy day.") and it seems like Jeff is asleep, but after a few seconds Jeff pipes up, "That was a pretty song, would you teach it to me sometime?"

A few minutes later, Jodie and Sam and Muffy are looking out the window at the city at night. Muffy says she feels like a possum because she works in the nighttime and sleeps during the day. Sam mentions other night workers like policemen, firemen, doctors and nurses, and Jodie mentions his friend who works at CFRB radio at night.

Next we see Jodie and Sam during their recent visit to CFRB. Bill McVean, Sam's friend, shows us how radio works. Later they go into the record library and Sam chooses a record to play on the radio and he is allowed to introduce it on the radio.

Back at the store, it seems Jeff is asleep, so Jodie, Sam and Muffy sneak out of the children's department. Jodie wonders if Jeff is dreaming. He is. He is dreaming about the store.

Sam tells TXL that Jeff is finally asleep, and he mentions he might do that soon himself. TXL brags that computers do not rest, sleep or stop. "We go on and on and on and on . . ."

"Unless someone decides to pull your plug!" Sam says, pulling her plug. "Say good night, Suzie Q!"

Jodie sings her lullaby again, to Muffy and the still sleeping Jeff.


  • What shape is Jodie's blanket? What shape is Muffy's pillow?
  • Which word rhymes with all?
  • Sam is going to bed, what's wrong with this picture?

Nursery Rhyme:

  • TXL sings "Hush-a-bye Baby"


  • None
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