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Jodie sprinkles white flakes over a model of a castle and sings, "Snow is falling, look around, soft white carpet hides the ground." Muffy comes in and accuses Jodie of making a mess, but she explains she's decorating the store with snow (or what looks like snow) because the weather report says the first snowfall is coming and it's time to make the store look wintry. To complete her display Jodie puts a wind-up toy soldier to guard the castle door. Muffy suggests Jodie put a small mouse in the castle.

Jeff comes in and Jodie tells Jeff that Muffy will help him put on his winter clothes, but Muffy is soon distracted when the wind-up soldier starts marching away, so Jeff is left to figure his clothes out alone. When Sam comes into the children's' department he discovers Jeff with his clothes in amazing confusion.

Sam goes off saying to himself, "There sure is a lot that Jeff has to learn about everything!"

Meanwhile Muffy comes to the computer room to show Sam a snowflake she has made, but Sam's not there so she shows it to us.

Back in the children's department, Jeff figures out his sweater and scarf, but his ear muffs are a puzzle. They seem to disappear, but Jeff discovers they have hopped to their rightful place, where they keep his ears warm.

Suddenly the last of his outfit, the winter gloves, start clapping out a rhythm. Jeff suggests we all clap the same rhythm to see if the gloves will do it again. It works. We all clap together and Jeff excitedly puts the gloves on his hands. Now he is wondering what snow is, so he turns to the security camera and asks Sam about it. What is it and where does it come from?

Sam explains that it's white and falls from the sky. Then he checks the different winter displays in the rest of the store on the computer. The toy soldier has escaped again and is walking past the snow boots but Muffy catches it.

Now Jeff and Jodie are sponging off the display counter and Jodie uses the sponge to demonstrate how a cloud filled with water makes rain, and how when the cloud freezes, the rain becomes snow.

Sam hurries in with a box of snow which he has saved since last winter, which has, of course, melted. Even Jeff understands why, since Jodie explained to him that the frozen water that makes snow must be cold. Sam realizes he should have kept the snow in the freezer, but he was only trying to keep something to remember the great day he and Jodie had playing in the snow.

Next we see scenes from that day as Sam and Jodie build a snowman and ride on a toboggan.

Next Jeff, Jodie and Sam sing about why they all like snow.

Muffy comes along and Jeff asks her a riddle. He gives her clues, the answer is something that falls from the sky in wintertime. She has quite a time with it until she asks us, and then she knows the answer is "snow".

After sharing a Mother Goose rhyme about a robin hiding from the snow, Muffy tells us that most birds are very smart and they fly south during the winter. Mice don't do that, she admits, they buy a ticket for the bus! Well, actually, that's not true either, since mice don't have any money, she was just joking. Just then the toy soldier goes by again and off she goes.

Sam decides its time for a story, but instead of telling us the story, he will show us the picture and we'll tell him the story of "The Runaway Snowman".

Muffy has put the soldier back in front of the castle and Jeff imagines what it would be like to be a castle guard.

Sam plays a rhythm game in which he sings a rhythm to us and we try to repeat it.

Jodie and Jeff sing, "Snow is falling, look around" again, as they look out the window and see that the first snowfall has begun. Sam comes in to tell them that he just heard the weather report and that the snowfall has begun, and all three are watching it when suddenly snow starts to fall in the store. A giggle soon reveals it's Muffy playing a trick on them, shoveling snow from the window sill. All four of them look out the window and Jodie promises to build a big snow mouse for Muffy first thing in the morning.

They all sing about why they like snow again and the toy soldier, escaping once again, is seen walking outside on the snow covered window sill.


  • Which snowman is different? (Jodie's voice asks this quiz)
  • Snowman, hat, snowman, hat, snowman . . . what comes next?

Nursery Rhyme:

  • Muffy recites a rhyme about a robin in the snow

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