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Jodie is working on a doll display, the dolls are each wearing special costumes from other countries. Sam thinks he sees one of the dolls moving, and it turns out to be Muffy dressed up in the uniform of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, but explains that she is a Royal Canadian Moused Police instead. Jodie advises her not to join the display - they wouldn't want someone to buy her!

In his computer room, Sam shows us his old Navy uniform and tells us that they used to sing songs while at sea when there was nothing to do. He invites us to join him in singing "Yo He Ho."

Back in the display again in a different costume, Muffy tries to fool Jeff, who is looking for her. He admires the dolls in the display, "all except for that silly looking one there on the end. Who would wear a costume like that?"

Muffy, offended, says the costume is famous in a foreign country. Jeff didn't realize it was Muffy and apologizes for not liking her costume. Jodie comes in and catches Muffy in her display again and Muffy runs off.

Jeff asks Jodie why people wear costumes. Jodie explains that actors and dancers wear them on stage, and children wear them on Halloween.

"Is your uniform a costume?" Jeff wonders. Jodie says, "Sort of". People sometimes wear uniforms for protection, but she wears one so people will know she works in the store. But mostly people wear costumes for fun. For example, she and Sam went to a fancy dress ball and rented costumes from a place called Malabar that sells and rents costumes.

Next we see Sam and Jodie at the store, trying on all kinds of costumes. In the end, Sam decides to dress up as a court jester, and Jodie finds a beautiful yellow hoop skirt dress with a lovely hat and parasol. Sam is very impressed and predicts she'll win first prize at the party.

Jodie tells Jeff she really did win first prize, and Jeff wishes he could have been there. Jodie explains that you can use an old sheet or even a kerchief to make costumes. Together they sing, "Dress Up in Fancy Clothes" while trying on different costumes, a sheet, and a kerchief.

Sam plays a guessing game with his Navy uniform, and TXL mentions that the uniform doesn't fit quite right. Sam explains he has gotten a little bigger around the middle since he last wore it.

TXL tells us a story called "The Little Bird's Fur Coat."

At Muffy's place, Muffy tries to decide what costume to wear to try to sneak into Jodie's display again. She tells us that celebrities from stage and screen wear costumes to perform.

Next Today's Special Guest Monica Gaylord plays a tune, "Night on a Hobby Horse" and asks whether it makes us feel happy or sad. She shows us the difference by playing one sad piece, one happy piece, and then "Night on a Hobby Horse" again.

Next, Jeff, Jodie and Muffy act out a witch story dressed in witch costumes. Finally Sam joins them and they sing "Put on your fancy clothes, and you will feel just fine!" as they try on different costumes.


  • Which doll matches the doll on the bottom?
  • Which word rhymes with cheese?
  • Can you find the animal hidden in this picture?
  • Which line is the longest? What if we take one line away? Another line? Another line?
  • Which instrument is this? (drums)

Nursery Rhyme:

  • Rhyme about a man dressed all in leather

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