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Things get pretty confusing in the children's department as Jodie and Jeff set up a country farm display. Muffy appears to be acting a bit strangely, talking in a low voice and acting not quite like herself. That's because it's not Muffy at all but her cousin Mortimer (Mort for short) from the country. When Muffy enters, she's not sure if she's seeing a reflection or another person, and when Sam comes in, he thinks he's seeing double! Eventually, things are cleared up when Mort introduces himself. He has walked all the way to the city to visit Muffy. They're thrilled to see each other and get along just fine, except for one thing. They can't agree on where it's best to live. Muffy insists the city is best, Mort that the country is best. After awhile, the fight escalates and eventually, they stop talking to each other. Jeff and Jodie try to help them to be more understanding and considerate of one another, and appreciate that both the city and the country are fine places to live. "The country's great but so is the city, and we'll help you to give it a chance," they sing to Mort. "Then do me a kindly favor, would you teach me the new 'Muffy' dance?" Soon they're all singing and dancing together, agreeing that "no one's right and no one's wrong."



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