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The store and the local museum have gotten together to promote the museum's new dinosaur exhibit. So Jodie is creating dinosaur displays and promoting a dinosaur drawing contest. The winner gets two free passes to the museum and $100. Sam, Jodie and Jeff are anxious to try their hand at drawing, but Muffy is unmoved. "Drawing dinosaurs, what a bore! Just the thought of it makes me snore." But when she discovers that first prize is $100 she immediately changes her mind. Think of all the cheese she could buy for $100! When they begin, however, it turns out that there are only two poster boards to draw on, so they have to share. Jeff and Jodie work on one, and Sam and Muffy the other. Everything goes very well for Jeff and Jodie. Jeff has a talent for drawing and draws a beautiful stegosaurus. But Sam and Muffy don't fare so well. Their dinosaur looks O.K. on top, but evidently Sam has drawn the bottom, a big pink, blobby body with what look like webbed feet, somewhat resembling Barney on a bad day. Muffy, interested only in her chances to win, is furious. She calls Sam's drawing "silly and stupid." Sam can't take any more of her insults and quits, muttering, "Mouse giving me a hard time!" Muffy is unrepentant. In her fever to win, she even tries signing her name to Jeff and Jodie's drawing, but her conscience rebukes her afterwards. She is so ashamed. What would Jodie say? Well, Jodie is standing nearby and she comforts her and encourages her to apologize to Sam. Sam at first is reluctant to talk to her, but when she begins crying, he melts. In the end, the four of them decide to work on another drawing together, and not worry so much about who will win, but just have fun working together.



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