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Jeff, Jodie and Muffy are in the children's department discussing imagination. Jodie likes to imagine things like being in Paris, while Jeff likes to imagine he doesn't have to wear a hat or dancing in a Broadway show. Muffy giggles as she sings about imagining that she's a cat. Sam comes in and they immediately try to get him to tell what he imagines. They suggest being in a fashion show (that is, Muffy does), and being a big movie director, but Sam is unmoved. He reminds them that they are neglecting their work. Later, however, his imagination is awakened by the fact that for some reason, TXL's roof camera has gone dark. They know someone is there, but they can't see anything. First Sam imagines that there is a burglar up there. He can even describe what he looks like, he can see it in his "mind's eye." When odd sounds are heard, he changes his mind and says that there are Martians on the roof! Meanwhile, Jeff is imagining being an ordinary person walking down the street, but when he tips his hat, he freezes and becomes a mannequin. So he doesn't see or hear Muffy and Sam when they are rushing by and excitedly tell him about the extraterrestrial guests. Armed with a rope, Sam goes up to the roof to catch the invaders. When he arrives, however, he finds something quite different. The singing trio, Sharon, Lois and Bram are practicing a song up there. The camera went dark because Bram hung his coat over the lens. When they introduce themselves, Sam remembers that he had been told that a singing group would be practicing in the store for an in-store concert tomorrow. Sharon, Lois and Bram suggest that Sam try singing himself. So with the trio singing back up, Sam sings "Side by Side." Just as they finish, Muffy and Jodie and Jeff come up and meet the "invaders," three talented people and their piano.



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