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Sam comes to the store with a string around his finger. He has tied it there to remind him to do something. This is something Jeff has never heard of before, so Jodie, Sam and Muffy explain that tying a string around your finger is one way to remember things. "'Cause every time you look at that knot you'll remember what you nearly forgot," they sing. Jeff joins in once he understands the idea. When they're done, Muffy asks Sam what he was trying to remember. But despite having two strings around two different fingers, Sam has forgotten what it was he was supposed to do. Jodie shrugs it off and then asks him where the display racks are that she asked him to pick up. But that's it! That's what he was trying to remember! Except he forgot. Jodie can't believe it! She can't make her display without the racks -- what is she going to do? "Oh, Sam!" she snaps in frustration and leaves the room. Sam feels terrible about forgetting and fears Jodie will never forgive him. What can they do? Sam has a great idea. He can use his string collection to make a giant hanging display for Jodie. He gets Jeff and Muffy to help. There are lots of things that Sam and Jeff find to use in the surprise. A yo-yo, a marionette, and a kite, to name a few. But Muffy's things are just too small for a big display, so she feels that she can't help at all. But Sam gets her to search under his desk for something to use for the display, and because she is small, she easy finds a large fishing net. Why that's perfect to hang the display on! But in the meantime, Jodie is feeling sorry that she snapped at Sam and is anxious to apologize to him and set things straight. She doesn't find him, though, until after he has finished her surprise. And she is truly surprised and pleased at the unusual display that hangs over the toy counter. However, she really wants to apologize to Sam for her burst of temper. And Sam really wants to apologize for forgetting her display racks. Jodie sings, "You may forget things you shouldn't forget, but because you're my friend it's O.K. don't you see? I can't get angry I can't get upset, because you're my friend and that's what's important to me." Sam sings, "Sometimes you say things you don't mean to say, but because you're my friend, that's O.K., don't you see? I can't get angry, I can't walk away, because you're my friend and that's what's important to me." Now that they're friends again, Jodie says she'd like to give each of her friends a big hug for helping her tonight. Sam says that's O.K., as long as he can be first. And last! Laughing, Jodie agrees.



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