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Jeff rushes into the children's department to tell Jodie of how beautiful a night it is. He and Muffy were on the roof star gazing and he is dazzled by the beauty of the night sky. It turns out Jodie has a picture of the night sky in her display, because today's special is Space. She explains that there are stars and planets in space and that we live on a planet called Earth, which is in her display too. Jeff points to a little spaceship in her display and tells Jodie that he'd like to hop into that spaceship and visit all the planets across the sky. Jodie offers to come with him and they sing about their imaginary space flight. Jeff asks if there is life on any other planet besides Earth, and Jodie says no one really knows. But Muffy is about to have a close encounter. She is still on the roof, looking through her telescope when she sees a star that appears to be getting closer, and in fact, is heading straight for her! She runs to hide as the spaceship lands on the roof. Soon she is face to face with XL7 Zed (but if you like, just call me 'Fred'). He is a mouse from a planet called Squeakonia. He is here in search of "cheedar" cheese. Soon he and Muffy are good friends. He meets Jodie and Jeff in the children's department in his space buggy, but they think it's just Muffy playing a trick. After all, it seems unlikely that there's a planet where all the inhabitants speak in rhyme, love to play tricks and play the piano, all just like Muffy! Jeff even sees the space ship up on the roof and dances with it, but no one believes that there is a real alien visitor. So when Muffy tells them that Fred wants her to come back to Squeakonia with him, and wants them to come along, they decide to play along and say they'll come. They dress up in shiny silver space suits. Before they can meet her, however, Fred tells her that only mice are allowed on Squeakonia. Unwilling to leave her friends, Muffy declines the invitation. But to prove that he really met her, Muffy teaches him how to do "the Muffy." Then she runs off for a minute. Meanwhile, Jeff, Jodie and Sam arrive and dance "the Muffy" with Fred, still thinking he is Muffy. He tells them they're too big a crowd to fit into his space ship and that there are only mice allowed on Squeakonia. They laugh. They think they've really surprised Muffy and that she's just giving them an excuse. When they come downstairs on the elevator, however, they meet Muffy, in a hurry, carrying a photo and some cheddar cheese for Fred to take back home. Suddenly, they it dawns on them that if Muffy is downstairs, she couldn't have been on the roof. "There must be a Fred!" they realize. That must mean Muffy is really going to leave them! They rush up to the roof to try and stop her but when they arrive the space ship is just taking off. Sadly they watch it go. "Before you start to shed a tear," a voice says, "I'd better warn you, I'm right here!" It's Muffy! She could never have left the store. But she tells them she's glad she met XL7 Zed. "He really was a special guy."



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