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Sam is very unhappy. He has just gotten a note from an old friend saying she was going to visit him at the store that night. Why is that bad news? His friend is "Sourpuss Sal," a woman who hasn't smiled in 20 years. He is not looking forward to entertaining a woman who has found nothing to smile about for so very long. Jeff, Jodie and Muffy, however, are optimistic. After all, says Jodie, a smile is just a frown upside down! They not only promise to support Sam but to make Sal smile. Sam tries to tell them not to waste their time, but they continue to plan their strategy. When Sal comes in, they try to make her laugh when Muffy "flies" in on a rope as "Super Mouse." This does no good. Next, Jeff does an "itchy ballet," pretending to be a graceful ballet dancer afflicted with mosquito bites. All that does is make Sal itch. They try all night. They tell jokes and riddles, they try to tickle her (she's not ticklish), but nothing works. Jeff sings to her of all the wonderful things in life that make him smile, and even picks her up and spins her around. Sal is only dizzy and no closer to smiling than when he began. Finally, they give up. "Sal's a professional frowner," declares Jeff. "There's no way we're going to turn that frown into a smile," agrees Jodie. But suddenly, Jeff has an idea. Later, Sal and Sam are walking through the children's department, and they find Muffy, Jeff and Jodie all standing on their heads. Why? Well, if Sal wouldn't turn her frown upside down, they figured they'd turn themselves upside down to see it the other way. Sal takes one look at the three upside down and her mouth begins to turn upwards. She's smiling - she even begins laughing! It's the silliest thing she's ever seen! Sam tells the three to hurry up and get right side up and see the first smile Sal's managed in 20 years. When Jodie asks how she feels smiling after all these years, she says, "Not bad, I might try it again in a year or so!" But then she smiles again and joins everyone in singing, "A Smile is Just a Frown Upside Down."



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  • This same "Super Mouse" costume was used on 1985's Heroes when Muffy pretended to be Mega Mouse.
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