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Wild West

Jeff walks into a children's department display that looks like an old west saloon. Suddenly, he hears threats and gun shots! At first he ignores the threats but then when he hears the shots he panics and hides. He tries to warn Jodie of the danger, but she points out that what he was hearing was the TV. She was watching the late show trying to get some ideas for her "Wild West" display. The idea is to set up a saloon in the children's department where the kids can come in and get a root beer or apple juice from the tap and pretend they're in the old west. Jeff thinks it all sounds quite dangerous, but Jodie assures him that it really wasn't like they showed it on TV. She sings, "The wild, wild west that's where I want to go, things were best when life was slower." Jeff remains unconvinced, but is thrilled that he's going to get to dress up in nifty cowboy clothes for the display. After he has changed and he and Jodie talk about the rodeo, Sam comes in and shows them a mysterious note. It tells them that "Big Killer Jake" will be coming at midnight. Is this something to do with Jodie's display? It sounds like a wild west villain! But Jodie says she knows nothing about it. Sam has called the police, but they say they've never heard of a Big Killer Jake. So all they can do is wait until midnight. As midnight approaches everyone gets more and more afraid. Sam has locked all the doors, but Jake calls and tells Sam that he has a key! Finally, they all decide to pretend to be mannequins when Jake comes in. Remembering Muffy's bravery when she faced Sam's cat Penelope in a showdown, Jeff decides to face his fear as well and confront Jake. "Big Killer Jake," he says, "you're too strong, I won't pretend, but I prefer to be a friend." "What did you call me?" the big man asks. "Big Killer Jake," says Jeff. Jake laughs heartily. "Not Big Killer Jake! It's Bug Killer Jake!" He's an exterminator! Sam takes another look at his note. Yes, he sees now, it could be Bug Killer Jake. But everyone is impressed with Jeff's bravery, and Sam decides to give him a sheriff's badge as a kind of reward. But since he was only following Muffy's advice, Jeff decides to give the badge to Muffy. So all's well in the children's department as they sing of the wild wild west: "I hope it'll never change!"



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