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Sam gets a phone call from a friend of his named Nathan, who was scheduled to perform at a sing-along the next day but has become sick. He asks Sam to take his place there, and Sam is thrilled, but he doesn't have much time to prepare. He doesn't even have a piano. TXL shows him three different models: A grand piano, a honky-tonk piano and an electric piano and plays a little bit of their sound for him. But he can't decide, he likes them all! "Me too," says TXL, "I think the piano makes the prettiest sound I know." She begins to sing about the pretty sound the piano makes. Next we see Muffy playing jazz on her piano, singing about how the piano is the jazziest sound she knows. In the children's department, Jeff and Jodie are playing "Chopsticks" on a piano, and singing about how it makes the happiest sound they know. Finally the screen divides into three frames and they all sing together about the joys of playing the piano.

The store is having a big sale on pianos, so Jodie has a piano upstairs in the children's department, and she is playing "The Blue Danube Waltz" when Jeff comes in and begins dancing to the music. It turns out that Jodie had piano lessons when she was a little girl. This makes her the perfect person to help Sam when he tells her he is going to replace his friend at a sing-along concert. Muffy wants to join the fun, but Sam is worried that since she's a mouse, she might scare some of the people. Muffy is quite annoyed by this and becomes determined to do something so spectacular that Sam will *have* to let her perform at the concert. While Jodie and Sam rehearse, Muffy reads up on her magic in "Waldo's Magic Book of This and That." She chooses a spell and uses it on her lunch, a nice piece of cheese. "Eenie meenie, mo-so miney, teeny weeny go-so tiny." The cheese shrinks. Disgusted, Muffy tries saying the spell in reverse, and the cheese grows into a giant size. Thrilled, Muffy can't wait to show Sam her new skill, hoping he'll let her perform at the sing-along. Sam and Jodie are in the children's department by the piano when she finds them. She says she's got a wonderful new skill, saying magic spells in reverse. She demonstrates by saying the spell "hocus pocus alamagocus" which turns Jeff from a mannequin into a person backwards. "Alamagocus pocus hocus!" she says. Horror of horrors, Sam and Jodie turn into mannequins! Terribly frightened, Muffy runs and hides. When Jeff discovers the motionless Sam and Jodie, we inform him that Muffy has worked a spell and that she's hiding. Jeff gets her to come out so they can work on solving the problem. He knows that there's a magic spell eraser in Waldo's book to fix any magical mistake, but it's a strange one, play "cabbage" on a piano. Muffy takes some from her refrigerator and bangs it around on her piano, but it doesn't work. Jeff continues to think about the word cabbage, and uses piano key cards to spell it out. That's when he realizes that Waldo means to play the notes C-A-B-B-A-G-E on the piano! Jeff hurries over to play the notes, but Muffy decides to use her spell to make the piano small so she can play it. "Eenie meenie, mo-so miney, teeny weeny go-so tiny!" she says. But instead of making the piano smaller, she shrinks Jeff! Still, Jeff can use his fancy footwork and play the notes by jumping on the keys. When he finishes, he becomes his regular size again and Jodie and Sam are freed from being mannequins. Muffy is very sorry and Jeff advises her not to mix up magic spells anymore. Muffy is forgiven and everyone sings once again about the fun of playing the piano.



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