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Christmas Part 2

"Oh, that's what this mouse likes to see!  Presents right beside the tree!" says Muffy, as she adds another gift to the collection of presents already beneath the tree.

"I can hardly wait til tomorrow!" adds Jeff.

Sam agrees, and suggests that they open their presents now.  Jodie protests this, saying that it's only Christmas Eve.  Sam knows, but explains that everyone is all together, so why not.  Getting everyone else's agreement, Jodie is on board with opening the presents right away.  However, before they can decide who goes first, the presents disappear right in front of their eyes.

As everyone looks shocked, Muffy knows exactly who is responsible: the elves.  "On Christmas Eve, their tricks they play.  That's why they took our gifts away."

"Well, we'll soon put a stop to that!" says Sam.  "Come on, let's search this store from top to bottom!  Those pesky elves won't get away with this!"

Back at her house, Muffy has donned an elf costume in an effort to find the elves.  Her plan is to make the elves think that she is one of them, and then, when it's too late to get away, she will ask about her gift.  She then begins to sing about her hunt for the elves, and where the elves might be hiding.

Elsewhere in the store, Jeff, Jodie, and Sam are also searching for the elves, looking through displays, and even in a few packages.  The elves, meanwhile, are singing about what they did with everyone's gifts.  They explain that they played a joke on everyone, and that they placed everyone's gifts in places where they can be found.  But when Muffy turns up, they go back into hiding before she can catch them.  Sam and Jeff later think that they caught an elf, but unfortunately for them, it was only Muffy, and not an elf.

In the corridor outside of Muffy's house, Jodie has found her present under a Christmas tree.  Everyone is delighted that one present has been found, but upon searching that tree, they find no one else's present.  However, they soon realize that the present was where it should be: beneath a Christmas tree.  Jeff surmises that the elves have hidden their presents under different Christmas trees.  "Do you know how many trees there are in the store at Christmas?" Jodie asks.  Sam is undaunted, saying that they will just look under all of them.

Jodie then wonders in song about what her present contains.  Everyone expresses hope that she likes it.  But when Jodie suggests that the bow might come untied, Jeff takes it from her, explaining that she will have to wait until they find everyone else's present.

In the Computer Room, Sam is hunting for his present.  He finds it under a small Christmas tree next to TXL, much to both his and TXL's delight.  When TXL expresses that she doesn't know about presents because computers do not receive presents, Sam surprises her with a gift: a bottle of window cleaner.  Sam then cleans TXL's screen, which she finds ticklish, displaying "Tee hee!" on her screen.  After he is finished cleaning TXL's screen, he begins to tell TXL what Penelope did that morning.

We then see the story as told from Penelope's point of view.  Penelope explores around the presents, questioning what's inside the various presents.  When she finds a gift with her name on it, she begins to investigate further, eventually unwrapping her gift, which is a scratching post.

Sam is laughing at the end of the story, about how Penelope didn't even wait until Christmas Eve.  TXL then surprises Sam with a gift of her own.  She tells Sam where it is, explaining that Muffy did the wrapping.  TXL got Sam a donut - most of one, at least, as Sam surmises that Muffy got a little bit hungry in the process.  Nonetheless, he is appreciative.  TXL then shows Sam his favorite Christmas carol.

We then see the gentlemen and boys of the St. James Cathedral choir, singing "Angels We Have Heard On High".

Back in the Children's Department, Muffy and Jodie are comparing results.  Muffy has checked the first and second floors, and Jodie has checked the third and fourth floors.  Jodie questions how many trees there are left.  Jeff comes in explaining, "Sixty-two exactly!  I counted them all last week.  Except none of them are real.  I wish I could see a real tree."  Meanwhile, Muffy still hasn't found an elf, and she pledges not to give up until she finds one.

Sam bursts into the room with good news: his present has been found.  Everyone is delighted, as Jodie remarks that as they've found two, now they only have to find Jeff and Muffy's before they can open all of them.  Sam questions why he can't open his now.  Jeff agrees, as they need a break before resuming their search.  Jeff suggests that Jodie open the first gift, which she soon does.  Her gift is a storybook, titled A Christmas Present for Jack Frost!.  Muffy suggests that she read it to them, which everyone agrees.

The story, presented in song form, takes place in the land of Samdonia, where the king and queen are making a Christmas proclamation to the citizenry.  Among others in the crowd are a young girl named Kara and her brother James.  Suddenly, Jack Frost arrives in the courtyard and describes the problem that he has spreading winter throughout the land: his nose is frozen.  Because he is unhappy about this problem, he is going to make everyone else unhappy by taking James to his palace as a prisoner.  He assumes that if everyone else is sad, he will be much happier.  And with that, he disappears, with James in tow.  Soon, Kara and the king and queen are riding on horseback to the land of Jack Frost to rescue James.  Arriving in Jack Frost's palace, they find James walking around despondently, but his mood quickly changes when he sees Kara.  However, Jack Frost quickly puts a stop to what would otherwise be a quick rescue, trapping James in a back room with bars made of ice, and explaining that she should not have come, and to get away quickly.  Everyone agrees with Jack Frost that she should leave, but Kara is determined.  She will not leave, explaining that she sees good in Jack Frost, and offers him a present.  Jack Frost declines, wishing that she would cry or put up a fight because he can't stand goodness.  Kara won't give up, and hands him a nose warmer, to prevent his nose from freezing when he spreads winter.  Jack relents, puts it on, and gives it a try.  He blows the cold winter's wind in his castle, creating large icicles.  Much to his delight, the warmer works, and it keeps his nose warm while he blows the winter's breeze.  With that, he frees James, wishes everyone a merry Christmas, and agrees to give up his evil ways.

At the end of the story, Jodie thanks everyone for the present.  Muffy especially enjoyed the queen, explaining that there aren't many queenly mice.  Then it's time for Sam to open his present.  Sam is too nervous, so he asks Jeff to open it for him and surprise him.  He obliges, unwrapping the gift to reveal a red pair of long underwear.  Sam quickly pulls it behind the counter, questioning whether he wants everyone to see that.  Everyone laughs as Jodie tells Sam that they all know what it is.  Sam expresses appreciation for the gift, but wonders how they knew that he needed new underwear.  Jeff explains, "TXL heard you complaining about your others being worn out."  Sam is amused but isn't surprised that TXL would turn into a chatterbox.

Jodie then passes another present to Sam, from Muffy to Penelope.  Sam is surprised, since Muffy doesn't even like Penelope.  Muffy explains that the present is cat food, so that Penelope won't think that Muffy is a treat.

Everyone then leaves to find the remaining two presents, singing, "On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... crisp bacon strips, sliced French bread, hot cheesy sauce on a plate full of macaroni!"

After everyone leaves, the elves arrive with a large box in tow.  They explain in song that they would never purposely be bad, and that now they were doing things that would make them very happy.  The box was an example of a good trick, and that Muffy is going to love it.  They then run off.

Elsewhere in the store, Jeff is talking to himself about how his present is now the only one still outstanding, as Jodie found Muffy's present in the Children's Department.  Muffy, wearing a sandwich board to disguise herself as a Christmas card in order to catch the elves, is delighted.  After explaining to Jeff why she is dressed up, she then explains that she no longer needs to dress up because her present has been found, and quickly heads to the Children's Department.

After Muffy leaves, Jeff admits that he doesn't think that Muffy will ever catch an elf, because they're too fast.  He imagines that if he were an elf, he would find all sorts of places to hide, especially during the Christmas season.  Jeff then begins to dance around the Christmas displays in the store, doing the Muffy a few times in the process.  At the end of his dance, he realizes that he never checked the roof.  He quickly leaves to go check.

Immediately after Jeff leaves, the elves come out, wearing sandwich boards similar to Muffy's.  They laugh, as they again have evaded capture.

Back in the Children's Department, Jodie is puzzled.  Muffy's present was supposed to be relatively small, and not the massive size that they now had in front of them.  Sam recognizes the wrapping paper, though, so it's definitely Muffy's present.  Muffy remarks, "Those elves have played another trick.  We'd better open it, and please be quick!"  Jodie pulls the cover off of Muffy's gift to reveal a sculpture of a mouse elf made entirely out of cheese.  Jodie explains that their present to her was cheese, but not this much, surmising that they really wanted Muffy to catch an elf.  Muffy is delighted, remarking, "Oh, I don't mind if those elves tease.  Not when they bring me this much cheese!"

Jeff rushes into the Children's Department, telling everyone to come to the roof, because there's something wonderful up there.  Everyone rushes to follow Jeff, but not before Muffy says to her cheese, "Now, you obey.  Don't run away!"

On the roof is a real Christmas tree, beautifully decorated.  When Jodie questions how it got there, Muffy explains, "I guess the elves, they heard Jeff say that a real tree was his wish today."

Jodie then finds Jeff's present next to the tree and hands it to him, explaining, "There were so many different things that we wanted to give you, but we thought you'd like this."  The present is a telescope, which means that Jeff can see more of the world than he could before.

Then, everyone hears a "ho ho ho ho ho" sound from a distance.  "Look up there!  Against the sky!" says Muffy.  "Is that Santa passing by?"  Jeff uses his telescope to look, revealing Santa on his sleigh, with the elves riding away on the back of it.

Then, as it begins to snow, everyone sings "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".


  • There's something wrong with this picture.  Can you guess what it is?  (One of the stockings is upside down)
  • This basketball is waiting to be gift wrapped.  Which box shall we put it in?  (The middle box)
  • Somewhere in this picture is a hidden ship; can you find it?

Nursery Rhyme:

  • "I Saw Three Ships"


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