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It's a cold winter day, and the store has grown quite chilly. Sam decides to turn up the heat, which he controls using TXL's keyboard. Before he can do so, Muffy asks if she can have some of his hot chocolate with marshmallows on top. She drinks a bit, and likes it so much that Sam decides to let her drink all of it. But she accidentally spills it on TXL. The marshmallow oozes between the keys and now Sam can't turn the heat on. He is furious with Muffy for spilling the hot chocolate and says some very unkind things to her, making her feel even worse than she already did. Up in the children's department, Jeff and Jodie are noticing how cold it is and wondering why the heat isn't on. Soon they hear the story from Muffy and Sam, who is still very angry. Jodie tries to calm everyone by handing out scarves and hats for everyone to wear. TXL is trying to turn the heat on by herself, so they hope that the store will be warm soon. Meanwhile, Jodie encourages everyone to "think warm," imagining they are somewhere warm and cozy. "Sandy beaches, sunny days, sitting in the garden soaking up the rays . . ." she sings. Soon Jeff joins in, "Out in a sailboat getting a tan, it's so hot that I need a fan, sitting by the poolside splashing a friend, hoping the hot weather will never end!" Pretty soon, they're all feeling a bit warmer, but the mention of hot chocolate gets Sam yelling all over again. Jodie makes some tea for everyone but even though Sam accidentally spills the tea, he still refuses to forgive Muffy. They try all kinds of ways to keep warm, including exercise, but soon Sam's arthritis is acting up and he is miserable. So they all bundle up with blankets and take turns telling a story. The story is about two mice who have a big fight. The story finally touches Sam's heart and he realizes how unkind and unfair he has been. He and Muffy make up, and then Muffy has an idea. She uses her tiny mouse-sized toothbrush to clean in between TXL's keys and unfreezes the keyboard. Happily, Sam now turns on the heat. The crisis is over and everyone gathers together in the now warm children's department and give three cheers for Muffy. Then the lights go out! But now they know they can deal with this new crisis by sticking together and helping each other.


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