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Jeff is unhappy because he has never cried a real tear. He tries and tries, but he simply can't do it. Jodie tries to explain that you can't just make yourself cry, you need to be feeling something, perhaps sad or upset. Still Jeff continues to try to make himself cry. Sam and Muffy try to help. First they bring a large stack of onions and encourage him to breathe deeply in order to make him cry. Jodie tells them that's ridiculous, onions can make your eyes water but not produce real tears. This upsets Jeff so much that he walks away, convinced he'll never cry. After Jodie has a talk with him, he decides to try again by trying to think of something really sad. Meanwhile, Sam and Muffy hatch a new plan. They sneak up on him and tickle him with a feather, hoping he will laugh hard and thus produce tears. He laughs and swats at the feather, accidentally knocking his hat off. Jodie once again explains that this would not really be crying. Muffy apologizes and asks for a story, so Jodie tells them the story of "The Magic Bird" in which a lonely boy helps a magical bird to fly again, only to see her fly away. The story is so sad, Jeff, without trying, begins to cry. Then he is so happy that he is crying that he smiles and laughs. "Jeff is really quite a sight, crying eyes and a smile so bright!" Muffy exclaims.



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