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Sam is shocked to come into the children's department and find Jodie putting Jeff's arm into a sling. At first it seems that Jeff has hurt himself, but Jeff explains that Jodie is simply practicing putting on a bandage. She is taking a First Aid class, and in fact, she will have to leave the store to attend the class that night. In preparation for her test, she asks Jeff what health is, and this leads, of course, to their singing about it. When they tell Mrs. Pennypacker what they're doing she says, "I didn't know singing could make people better! Must be a new method." Meanwhile, Sam has gotten all tied up in the ace bandage Jodie was using to practice. Jeff helps get him unwound until he only has the bandage around his head. But before he can finish freeing Sam, Muffy comes in. She feels very sick and she has a high fever. Sam takes her to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. There they meet Dr. Bennet, who is reluctant to treat a mouse since she's a pediatrician, not a veterinarian. But Sam and Muffy convince her to see Muffy anyway, and she discovers that Muffy has "mice tonsillitis." It is a very serious condition and it needs an emergency operation. Dr. Bennet agrees to remove the infected tonsils. When Jeff finds out about this he is very unhappy that he can't leave the store and be there to comfort Muffy and make her laugh. When Jodie comes back to the store, she learns about what happened and soon joins Muffy at the hospital. She tries to convince Jeff not to worry, but Jeff is very worried. Mrs. Pennypacker tries to tell him that "good often follows the bad," and that "everything will be fine." Jeff sends his picture to the hospital so Muffy will know he's thinking about her. Sam and Jodie get to know another patient while Muffy is having her operation, but soon, Muffy is back. She's just fine. Muffy urges Jodie to tell Jeff everything's all right. Jeff is elated and runs to tell Mrs. P, "Everything's fine, just like you said it would be."



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