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Wanda Willoby is missing from possum ridge! According to the latest "Willoby tale," Wanda has left home because of her new baby brother. She feels like her parents don't need her anymore now that there's a new baby in the house. So she packs her bags and is off to see Muffy in the city. "I'll miss you," she writes, "though you probably won't miss me." Frantic, Mama Willoby calls the store, but they can't find Wanda anywhere. Finally, they find the cute little possum hiding among the stuffed toys when she sneezes. Jodie begins to talk soothingly to her and soon she is crying. Jodie sings to her, "hush now, don't you cry." Wanda calms down a bit, and is thrilled when Muffy comes in to give her a big hug and invite her to her place. The Willobys decide to allow Wanda to spend some time with everyone in the city until they can convince her that her family loves her and wants her to come home. At first Muffy is thrilled to have a roommate, but problems immediately surface when Wanda can't sleep lying down, but hangs from the top of Muffy's canopy bed and snores in Muffy's face! By the next night, Muffy is tired, both physically and mentally. Jeff and Jodie soon find out for themselves how much trouble Wanda can be when she tries to help them with a display of balls. She accidentally lets the balls fall all over the floor. Later, she sets off Sam's emergency alarm. Everyone realizes they should try to get her to go home, but how? Finally, Jodie decides to tell her about how she felt when her baby brother Robert was born. She shows Wanda a picture of him and explains that her family got bigger, but there was still enough love to go around. Wanda had just been looking at a stuffed animal and thinking how much his eyes looked like her mother's. Now that Jodie has reassured her that her family needs her help now more than ever, Wanda agrees to go home. Before she leaves, they all give her gifts. Jodie gives her a blanket for the baby. Muffy gives her a little knitted cap, and Sam has knitted some booties that match the cap. Jeff can't sew or anything, but he has written a lullaby that Wanda can sing to the baby. He sings it for her, and Wanda falls asleep! When she awakes, she is home, and very sure of her family's love. She was not the littlest Willoby anymore, she's a big sister, and very proud of her new little brother Willie.



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