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Boxes and Boxes

Jodie and Jeff are busy getting things into boxes, ready to be shipped off to a new store, a second branch of their store. As they work, they're surprised to see that someone else is carrying boxes. They assume it's Sam, but then when Sam walks in, they assume it's Muffy. They're surprised to see her carrying so many boxes, but when Muffy comes in, they know it must be someone else. Finally, they see it's a stranger. Sam immediately assumes the worst, that she's a thief, stealing boxes. Jodie doesn't see any reason to panic, but she goes with Sam to find out. When Sam accuses her of stealing boxes, the woman is shocked. "Steal a box! . . . I would never, never steal a box!" Jodie doubts that such a nice woman is a thief. It turns out that she is Mrs. Pennypacker, the stockroom manager. It's her job to make sure everything is in its place. They've never seen her before because she usually only works in the daytime, but with all the moving needed for this new store, she is working late. She invites everyone to call her Mrs. P. With everything settled, they all decide to get back to work. Muffy comes into the stockroom after everyone has left and decides to have a look around. Mrs. Pennypacker has pictures of all the mannequins that need to be sent to the new store, and she is looking for them now. Muffy is horrified to see that Jeff's picture is on the list and rushes off to tell Jodie and Sam. Jodie doesn't see a problem. Mrs. P is very nice, and she's sure that she will send another mannequin once she finds out about Jeff. The problem is, Mrs. P doesn't believe them. She thinks they're joking. They demonstrate by taking off Jeff's hat and putting it back on, but Mrs. P just thinks that Jeff is a terrific actor. Additionally, she insists on thinking that Muffy is a cat pretending to be a mouse. "This certainly is a strange place at night!" she concludes. Sam offers to have tea with Mrs. P to slow her down while they try to think of a way to convince her that Jeff is a mannequin. She and TXL get into a bit of an argument. Mrs. P claims to know where everything is and how much of everything there is in the store. TXL claims the same thing. But Mrs. P knows more than TXL, which leads to the argument. Back in the children's department, Jeff fantasizes about a stock room. In his imagination, huge boxes are piled everywhere and he dances, quite spectacularly, on them, around them, in them and over them. After that, he climbs inside the box Mrs. P has brought up to the children's department, but then realizes that it's a box for a mannequin. When he tries to get out, however, his hat falls off, and he freezes. Just then, Mrs. Pennypacker comes through, sees the mannequin in the box, and assumes Jeff and Jodie put it there. So she takes him down to the stock room, ready to be sent to the other store! Jodie and Muffy find Jeff's hat and figure out that Jeff is in trouble. They go down to the stock room but can't find Mrs. P anywhere, because she and Jeff are stuck in the elevator. They put the hat down and go searching around the room some more. Meanwhile, Mrs. P arrives with Jeff. She sees the hat on the table and remembers it was the one that they claimed was magic. We insist that the hat really is magic, and tell her the magic words. When she says them, and Jeff comes to life, she nearly jumps out of her skin, but she's convinced that Jeff really is a mannequin that comes to life, and says they'd better find another one. But she still thinks Muffy is a cat. As Muffy says, "I like her and she's very kind, but it sure is hard to change her mind!"



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