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Jeff is up on the roof watching the rain. "I love the rain, I love it when it's raining, you'll find me smiling while others are complaining!" He dances around under his umbrella, but his joy is cut short when a deafening boom sounds and lightning flashes. He may like the rain, but he doesn't like that! He hurries inside. He tells Jodie about his fear and she tries to help by teaching him to "snap, clap and chuckle" to overcome his fear. This helps a little.

Meanwhile, TXL alerts Sam that there is a leak in the roof, originating around the skylight. She is worried. If any water gets into her electrical system, she could lose her memory. Sam, who has his own problems trying to store a lawn bowling ball without breaking his window, reassures her that he'll call Mitch the repair man to get everything fixed up.

When Mitch arrives, the leak is descending rapidly through the store. It has started a drip in the children's department, which Jodie catches with a rain hat. Meanwhile, everyone tries to help Jeff, who is found hiding in a box to try and get away from the thunder. Sam suggests that Jeff concentrate on how much he loves the rain instead of how much he hates the thunder, so he decides to try. Using some steps from the famous dance sequence in "Singin' in the Rain," Jeff dances through the children's department with an umbrella, joined at the end by Jodie. It seems to work, until a clap of thunder sounds, and Jeff cowers beneath his umbrella again.

TXL is getting much more worried as the leak intensifies, now reaching Muffy's place. Mitch is on the roof working on the leak, but he has forgotten his rain hat. Jodie asks Jeff to take it up to him, but Jeff is very nervous about going out there with all the thunder. Finally, he agrees to go, and just as he reaches the roof he sees a huge pole falling on the repair man. Now he has to help, but how to overcome his fear? He snaps his fingers, claps his hand, and lets out a defiant chuckle. Then he rushes out, picks up the heavy pole to free Mitch, and then uses the rain poncho he is wearing to temporarily stop the leak. But it's not soon enough to prevent water from leaking into the electrical system. Sam comes running down to the computer room, but it seems it's too late. Everything has been malfunctioning and now all goes quiet. "The water got her!" cries Sam, "boy, oh boy, oh boy!"

"I am not a boy," says a familiar voice, "I am a TXL Series 4 computer!" Her memory banks were not erased after all. Sam is so happy to see that she's okay that it makes her blush.

Back in the children's department, Jeff has changed his clothes and dried himself off, and Mitch praises him for his quick thinking in a dangerous situation. He gives Jodie the credit though, for teaching him to "clap, snap and chuckle." As they sing energetically about this method, Sam accidentally knocks his lawn bowling ball from its place on the counter, and it bounces all the way down several flights of stairs to break the window in the computer room! "What a night," says Sam, "what a night!"



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