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Sam is unhappy. There is some noisy construction going on outside of his home all day long, and he is finding it hard, as a day sleeper, to get any rest. He asks TXL for some suggestions, and she suggests that he play music to drown out the noise. The music might relax him and help him to sleep as well. But Sam doesn't respond. In fact, he doesn't seem to know that TXL has spoken to him at all. He says, "Computers -- you just can't rely on them!" and goes off to talk to Jodie. Jodie is doing a display in the children's department and she is standing on a ladder. Sam comes in looking for her, and Jeff points to the ladder and says, "She's up there." Sam thinks Jeff said she was "up in the air." Though it's a very strange way to say it, Sam assumes he means Jodie's on the roof. "First TXL won't talk to me," he says, "now Jeff's giving me riddles." Once he reaches the roof, he calls out for Jodie, but of course, she's not there. Muffy's up there, though, enjoying the view, and she calls out to Sam. Sam doesn't hear her, and, thinking no one's up there, he locks the door, leaving Muffy trapped on the roof.

Eventually, Jodie figures out that Sam is having a problem with his hearing. She explains to Jeff how important hearing is and that some people lose their hearing. Once she's helped Jeff to understand how important hearing is, they decide to find Sam and get him to go to the ear doctor. Unfortunately, though Sam can barely understand a word they say, he insists that his hearing is just fine and that they have no reason to worry. Jodie and Jeff have also realized that Muffy is missing.

Unable to convince Sam to do something about his problem, and unable to find Muffy, Jeff and Jodie sit down and begin to talk about deafness. Jodie explains to Jeff that some people are born deaf, and shows him how they communicate by showing him some sign language.

Meanwhile, Sam tells TXL that Jeff and Jodie want him to see an ear doctor. When TXL tells him she agrees with them, he can't hear her, so she finally gets through to him by displaying the words on her screen. Finally, he realizes that he might need help. Jodie and Jeff are relieved and he leaves with Jodie right away, and Jodie encourages Jeff to try and find Muffy while they're gone. When they get to the hospital, and the doctor finally tries to examine Sam's ears he can't because -- they're filled with cotton! Suddenly, Sam's hearing problems are perfectly understandable. Once the cotton is gone, everything seems okay, but just to make sure, Sam goes to get a hearing test which he passes with flying colors. Back at the store, Jeff is glad to hear the good news but is sorry that he still hasn't found Muffy. Up on the roof, Muffy decides to take a twig and tap on a pipe to get someone to hear her. No one hears the tapping except the now sharp-eared Sam, and they realize that Muffy must be on the roof -- the one place Jeff didn't look! They hurry to free her, and Sam apologizes for accidentally locking her up there. Now, he can't wait to get back to his apartment to hear that "beautiful construction noise."

"I thought that bothered you!" says Jodie.

"Yeah, but hearing it is a lot better than not hearing it," says Sam.



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