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"Halloween means funny costumes!  Halloween means pumpkins bright!  In the windows, they sit smiling, watching children out tonight!" the gang sings, as they describe all of the things that go into making Halloween, including costumes, pumpkins, trick-or-treating, and candy.

Sam and Jodie lament the fact that they have to miss Halloween this year on account of their work.  Jodie specifically laments missing her being able to see all of the kids in their costumes.  Jeff suggests that maybe the kids will come to the Store to trick-or-treat, but Jodie quickly dismisses that notion, explaining that the kids know that the store is closed.  Sam comforts Jodie by reminding her that at least they have the pumpkin on the counter to remind everyone of Halloween.

Later, in the Children's Department. Jeff and Muffy are discussing how they can cheer Jodie and Sam up and make up for their missing Halloween.  Jeff recognizes that Sam likes tricks, and Jodie enjoys seeing costumes.  Jeff suggests that he could dress up in a costume.  Muffy agrees, suggesting that Jeff's costume should go from head to feet, and then he should jump out and shout "trick or treat!"  Muffy decides to go play a trick on Sam, while Jeff looks for ideas in his costume book.  After Muffy leaves, Jeff asks us to help him pick out a costume.  He wants something to do with Halloween.  Noting that Jodie likes pumpkins, he shows us a picture of a scarecrow in a pumpkin field.  He asks us whether he should be a pumpkin or Halloween.  We say yes, and Jeff agrees with us.

In the Computer Room, Muffy arrives to play a trick on Sam., who is sleeping.  Muffy's plan is to put dark glasses on Sam and then leave him to wonder why the lights are out.  TXL admonishes Muffy that she shouldn't be in the Computer Room while Sam is sleeping.  Muffy explains to TXL that she will be quick, and that she is going to play a trick on Sam.  TXL does not approve.  When Muffy explains to TXL that playing tricks is something that you do on Halloween, TXL responds, "Halloween?  I've never heard of Halloween!" and then, to Muffy's dismay, shouts to Sam to wake him up, spoiling the trick.

When Sam asks what is going on, Muffy explains, "I wasn't trying to be mean, but we know you're missing Halloween.  So a trick we planned, but your machine spoiled it with a noisy scene."  Sam understands, but also recognizes that since Muffy plays so many tricks, he didn't know how TXL was supposed to recognize that this situation was different.  TXL apologizes for the mixup.

Back in the Children's Department, Jeff is decked out from head to toe in a scarecrow costume.  He is wearing a yellow shirt, a gray jacket with patches, and maroon pants with patches.  Because a real scarecrow is made of straw, he went down to the packing department and got some straw, which he put in his sleeves, around the ends of his pants, and under his magic hat.  However, he also discovered that straw is very itchy.  His plan is to go behind the counter, pop up, and shout, "Boo!"

However, the straw causes more itching, and in Jeff's attempt to scratch the itch, he knocks off his magic hat, turning back into a mannequin.

When Jodie comes in, she notices Jeff, and asks us why he is pretending to be a scarecrow.  She then compliments Jeff on his ability to stand perfectly still.  We tell Jodie that Jeff's hat is off.  She asks us how he lost it this time, and responds in disbelief when we tell her that he scratched it off.  After putting Jeff's hat back on his head, we all say the magic words together to bring Jeff to life.

Upon realizing what happened, Jeff is disappointed that by losing his hat, he ruined his own surprise, explaining to Jodie that he dressed up in the scarecrow outfit to make her feel better, and that Muffy was out playing a trick on Sam.  As much as Jodie appreciates the sentiment, for her, it's not just the costumes and the tricks, but also seeing all of the kids that makes it special.

Jeff then imagines what it would be like to be a scarecrow.

Muffy then arrives in the Children's Department, and the two compare their results, with each learning that the other's plan had failed.  Jeff explains to Muffy that in order to cheer them up, they would have to bring children to the Store, but they have no idea how to go about it.

Back in her mousehole, Muffy discusses the situation.  Because Jeff can't leave the Store, it's up to Muffy to bring the children to the store.  She is terrified to do it, because outside, everything is much taller than she is, and is concerned about running into a cat.  She is wearing a witch's costume because while she's out, she's planning on doing some trick-or-treating of her own.  However, she soon runs into a problem: her door.  "More dangerous than a nasty cat is one small door and one big hat!"

Down in the Computer Room, Sam shows a box to TXL and asks her to guess what is inside.  She guesses, "Twenty elephants."  Sam then reveals that it's a pumpkin pie, and he plans to give it to Jodie for Halloween, in order to cheer her up.  He also notes that when you cheer someone else up, you also cheer yourself up.

Sam then invites us to tell him a story called "Scarecrow to the Rescue", about a scarecrow and a little boy, while TXL shows the pictures.

The Mime Lady is standing around when someone in a ghost costume appears behind her.  TXL brings the ghost to her attention, but when the Mime turns to look at the ghost, it disappears.  The Mime makes a face as if to say, "You got me this time," and while she's doing this, three more ghosts appear behind her.  The Mime clearly doesn't believe a word of what TXL is saying, as TXL tells her that there are three ghosts behind her.  Just as before, the ghosts disappear when the Mime turns around.  Two more ghosts appear behind the Mime, but she doesn't believe us when we tell her that there are two more ghosts.  The ghosts fly away, leaving the Mime still in disbelief.  Four ghosts then appear.  The Mime looks horrified, turns around, and sees the ghosts.  The ghosts then fly away, and the Mime makes a satisfied face and gives a thumbs-up.

Back in the Children's Department, Jodie and Sam are looking at the pumpkin pie and reminiscing about when they were young.  Jodie remarks that they all used to watch the television together.  Sam remarks that there was no such thing as television when he was young, and that they all used to listen to the radio.  They then sing about what things were like when they were young.

Jeff walks in to discover that Halloween has made Jodie and Sam think about many fond memories.  Jodie then suggests that they show Jeff what they did last Halloween, when they were both off of work, and Sam's neighbors came over to visit.

At Sam's house, they get two children ready to go out, and then they take them trick-or-treating.  They reminisce about their own trick-or-treating adventures while the children trick-or-treat.  Back at Sam's house, Jodie and the kids review their take until Sam, wearing a witch's hat, surprises them.  Jodie hands Sam an all-day sucker.  Sam thinks it's delicious, but then Jodie tells him that it will taste a lot better if he takes the wrapper off.

As we return from the flashback, Sam hears a knock.  Jeff suggests that it might be a ghost.  Jodie thinks that it sounds like the front door.  Sam decides to go look.  Jeff suggests that they both go, just in case it actually is a ghost.  Sam laughs, and says that he's not afraid of ghosts.  Sam then comments that she hears footsteps.  Then two children arrive in the Children's Department.  One is dressed as a cowboy, and the other is dressed as a witch.  Jodie questions whether the witch is a good witch or a nasty one, and, after testing the witch's laugh, determines that she's a nasty one.  Then Sam and Jodie take the children to the candy counter.  Jeff and Muffy, meanwhile, congratulate each other on a job well done.

Later, Sam and Jodie are standing in the Children's Department, talking about the fun that they had with the kids.  Then Jodie notices an orange bag with a tag on it that says, "To Sam and Jodie".  Jodie looks in, and then pours out the contents: candy!  Sam wonders how the candy got there, and then Jeff and Muffy pop up from behind the counter, shouting, "Surprise!"

Sam and Jodie then figure it all out: Jeff and Muffy were the ones behind the Halloween activities that made them so happy.  Jeff explains that they wanted them to have a great Halloween.  Jodie says that this was the best Halloween ever, and Sam suggest that everyone have a slice of the pumpkin pie.  Jodie attempts to cut into the pumpkin pie, only to discover that the pie is made of rubber!  Muffy is laughing, as Jeff produces the real pie.

Everyone then sings together about all of the things that they like about Halloween.

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