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Played by Bob Stutt

Mort is Muffy's cousin, who lives out in the country on a farm.  Muffy and Mort's family relationship is through their mothers, who are sisters.  Mort first came to the store in 1983's Cousins, where he was initially mistaken for Muffy, until he spoke with Jeff and Jodie, who quickly realized that the mouse they were speaking with wasn't Muffy.

Along with Cousins, Mort also appeared in 1984's Lost and Found and Sharing, 1985's Jeans and Fun, 1986's Late and Fire, and 1987's A Visit to the Opera.  In Cousins, Lost and Found, and Sharing, Mort dressed in farm clothing - blue overalls, plaid shirt, and a straw hat.  In later episodes, Mort wore other kinds of clothes, which took a bit of the "farm" edge off of him.

Besides playing Mort, Bob Stutt has played a number of other roles on Today's Special.  He's played XL7Z (Fred) in 1983's Space, Rodeo Rick Rodent in 1984's Vacations, and Terry Termite in 1982's Wood.  Additionally, in 1982, Bob Stutt did the puppet work for Muffy while Nina Keogh was on a maternity leave.

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