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TXL Series 4

Played by Robyn Hayle

TXL (1984-1987)If ever you were to say, "Oh boy, oh boy," to a computer and it replies back with "I am not a boy, I am a TXL Series 4 computer," you're probably talking to TXL.  TXL lives in the Computer Room, and helps Sam with his duties in the store.  In 1984's Changes, with the Computer Room's redecoration, TXL was upgraded and customized.  As TXL said, some of her keys do different things.  This turned her into an Advanced TXL Series 4 computer, which is how she referred to herself in 1984's Babies.

TXL is connected to just about every building system in the store, from security to climate control.  She even has the ability to prepare food, which she demonstrated on a few occasions.  Her control of the heat became a problem when Muffy accidentally spilled hot chocolate with marshmallows on her keyboard in 1983's Temperature, which gummed up the keyboard, preventing Sam from starting up the heat.  Starting in 1984, TXL was also in control of all the closets in the computer room, which were added when the room was redecorated.  Press the right keys and the proper closet opens.  However, if you press the wrong keys, if you're lucky, the wrong closet opens.  Otherwise, the room may go completely out of control, with the closets opening and closing automatically, and the turntable in the center spinning wildly.  This also causes the speaker that plays "Yo He Ho" to dance around in its corner and play the song.

TXL (1981-1983)Speaking of the room going haywire, this is also what happens when the store's alarm is sounded via the red button on the wall.  The closets open and close, the lights go on and off, and the "Yo He Ho" speaker plays.

Perhaps the most interesting of all the buttons TXL has was discovered in 1986's Trash.  Sam had asked Jeff to turn on TXL, which gave Jeff the opportunity to check TXL out.  After powering her on and asking her to scan the store for Jodie's lost Valdy ticket, he perused the keyboard, finding a "Heat" button, an "Alarm" button, and then a strange button marked "JB".  What did "JB" stand for?  After Jeff pressed it, he found out that it stood for "Jellybeans" when hundreds of jellybeans rained down on him from the ceiling.

Understandably, the TXL we see in the show is the work of television producers, as most computers in 1981 were not that advanced.  Interestingly enough, TXL is actually an Apple II at heart, as her keyboard is actually an Apple II computer with the Apple logo removed.  This keyboard was replaced in 1986 with a different keyboard of unknown origins.

Additionally, besides playing TXL, Robyn Hayle also does the voiceovers for the show.  It is her voice that we hear in quizzes, Mime Lady segments, and introducing each show.  Interestingly enough, she was never credited as "TXL", instead being credited as "the Computer".

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