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Played by Nina Keogh

MuffyMuffy is a very special mouse.  While most mice just squeak, Muffy not only talks, but talks in rhyme.  She comes from a family of nine, the youngest of seven children.  Muffy makes her home in the store, in a magnificently decorated two-story apartment, complete with lighted "Muffy's Place" sign and an elevator.

Muffy hasn't always had it so well, though.  Before coming to the store, she lived "in a grand old house, perfect for a little mouse."  However, the family who lived there eventually moved away, and the house was demolished.  After packing all of her things, she set out on her scooter to find a new place to live.  She eventually came upon the store, enticed by the "Cheeses of the World" display in the front window.  After Jodie and Sam chased her through the store, they eventually caught up with her, and agreed to let her stay.  She soon moved into her apartment, which at the time, she entered through a somewhat undignified hole in the wall, which never really was big enough for her to properly fit through.  It wasn't until Madame Melba came in Changes and redecorated the store, that she got an entrance more fitting for a mouse of her importance.

Muffy is also by far the smallest member of the Today's Special gang.  Sometimes this can be a liability for her, as she can be somewhat underfoot at times or accidentally become trapped somewhere, but at other times it works to her advantage, as she can fit into places that the others can't, or reach things that the others cannot.  Once, after running into numerous problems due to her small size, she pretended to be a superhero, Mega Mouse, with whiskers "of steel" and a tail that "cracked like thunder", going from one extreme, small and helpless, to the other extreme, the all-powerful Mega Mouse.  After hearing a Willoby tale, and then trying to "fly" off of Jodie's bookshelf (which earned her a reprimand from Jodie), she realized that being small isn't bad at all.

In her spare time, Muffy loves to eat cheese, play the piano, ride her scooter, and play tricks on Jeff, Jodie, and Sam.  Sometimes she accomplishes these through sheer skill, and other times with the assistance of Waldo's Magic Book of This and That, where she has used some of the magic spells contained within, with surprising results.  Often this has gotten Muffy into trouble, as she would vary from the original spells, which have caused undesired results, once turning Jodie and Sam into mannequins, making Jeff very small, and accidentally swapping around everyone's voices.

However, for all the tricks Muffy has played on everyone, she has contributed immeasurably in so many other ways, most notably finding the store's historic plaque, which was behind the wall in her apartment, which ultimately saved the store from demolition.

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